Top 5 Ideas For Costumes For Cats This Halloween

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Top 5 Ideas For Costumes For Cats This Halloween

Although you may not see them as often as dressed up dogs, costumes for cats are becoming more and more popular at Halloween. Stores don’t tend to stock as many cat costumes, but you can get creative and buy costumes for small dogs to fit your cat. Here are a few ideas on what you might like to dress your cat as this Halloween.

1) Dog Costumes

One idea is to dress your cat up as a dog for Halloween. If your cat tends to act more like a dog, then this is the perfect idea for him!

2) Ghost

Since there aren’t as many readymade costumes for cats as there are for dogs, you often have to make your own. This is why the ghost is such a good idea: it’s very easy to make. Just get hold of a sheet and cut out the eyes and mouth for your cat. Be careful when they’re wearing this, though, as it may slip over your cat’s eyes and leave them agitated.

3) King or Queen

Everyone knows that the cat is the real king or queen of the household. If everything seems to revolve around your spoilt kitty then this is the costume for her. Just get your cat a regal robe and a soft crown and she can really play the role this Halloween!

4) Witch

If you want to dress your cat as a witch this Halloween then you’ll want to get hold of a small witches hat that you can secure under your cat’s chin. It’s simple but your cat will still look great in it!

5) Cheshire Cat

Last on the list is one of the most famous cats of all time, the Cheshire Cat. To recreate this character you’ll want to dress your cat in stripy clothing, though you may not be able to get your cat to recreate the famous big toothy smile.

How To Get Your Cat To Wear The Costume

It isn’t easy to get pets to wear a costume at Halloween, especially cats. This is why you’ll want to introduce your cat to the costume as far in advance as possible. Let her wear it for short periods of time at first, and she’ll gradually get used to the idea. This also gives you time to make adjustments to the size if it needs it.

Remember, some pets just won’t wear costumes. If your cat gets very stressed when you try to get her to wear one then you’ll unfortunately need to accept that it just isn’t for her!













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