Thor Halloween Costume Ideas

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Thor Halloween Costumes Inspired By The Norse God Of Thunder.

The 2011 Thor movie was based on the comic book character of the same name, and revolves around the superhero that hails from Norse mythology.

Thor really is a superhero with a difference, which makes for an excellent Halloween costume theme this year!

Getting The Thor Costume Right Norse mythology holds Thor as the god of thunder and storms.

Thor is never seen without his hammer, which should be a feature of any costume you choose. The movie costume also has a number of other key elements: The helmet – The helmet makes Thor instantly identifiable.

There are large wings on each side of this helmet, making it totally unique. You can either adapt a more common style helmet yourself, making wings out of silver foil, or you can purchase the officially licensed Thor helmet from Halloween costume stores. Underneath the helmet you’ll want a shaggy blonde wig.

The armor – Any true warrior needs armor, and Thor is usually seen with thick armor over his muscly chest. Underneath, a plain dark shirt and pants will do (or a brown tunic) completed with heavy black boots. The cloak – To complete the look, get your hands on a red cloak.

Officially Licensed Thor Costumes There are a number of officially licensed Thor costumes available for those who want to get the look just right without spending too much time and money. Adult male Thor costumes – The adult male Thor costume comes in Standard and a Plus, both simple forms of the costume that include a printed shirt and helmet, or the Prestige version that comes with more detailed armor, a cape and helmet. Child Thor costumes – For kids, there’s an equivalent to the men’s adult Prestige costume, as well as an option available for toddlers.

Female Thor Costume Ideas It’s pretty easy to adapt the traditional Thor costume into an outfit for women. Just make sure you get hold of the helmet, red cloak and hammer and it’ll be clear you’re going as the female version of Thor. There are officially licensed female versions of this costume available to buy too, if you prefer. Alternatively, you could choose to dress as Sif this Halloween. Sif is often seen accompanying Thor into battle, and is a warrior just like him. Her costume is full of gold, and is a new take on a classic warrior outfit. Sif carries a sword instead of a hammer.

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