The Best Halloween Costumes For Girls

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5 Of The Best Halloween Costumes For Girls
There is a huge range of Halloween costumes for girls to choose from. Whether they want to be cute, scary, or to represent their favorite movie character, here are five ideas to choose from.

1) Monster High

Monster High dolls are based on popular fictional monsters, but have their own very distinctive characteristics. They aren’t just popular toys, though, they also make very cute Halloween costumes for girls!

Some of the characters include Frankie Stein (the daughter of Frankenstein and his Bride), Draculaura (Dracula’s daughter), Cleo de Nile (the Mummy’s daughter) and Lagoona Blue (daughter of a Sea Monster and Ocean Nymph).

These are excellent choices for Halloween – a fun mix between teenage fashion and their traditional monster parents! You can find officially licensed costumes in stores or try to make your own.

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2) Harry Potter – Hermione

Harry Potter is a firm favorite among girls and boys at Halloween. For the girls, the main costume option is Hermione. She’s headstrong but she’s great at casting spells. Hermione is most commonly remembered in her Gryffindor robe, complete with the crest, and for her long brown hair. Make sure you accessorize this costume with a wand!

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3) Princesses

Little girls never tire of dressing up as their favorite princess. The great thing about these Halloween costumes for girls is that there are so many ways to make the costume unique. One idea is to get your little girl to choose her favorite Disney princess to dress up as. Whether she wants to be Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty or Jasmine, there are officially licensed costumes available.

Or you could create your own princess, taking the traditional princess gown and crown and making something that’s completely unique!

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4) Toy Story’s Jessie

Jessie from Toy Story has to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes for girls of the moment! Jessie is the loveable cowgirl who was originally made as part of a set with Woody and Bullseye the horse. Her costume is a lot like Woody’s, with cow print chaps, a white shirt with yellow details, and a cowgirl hat. For the most authentic look add a red braided wig.

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5) Witch

The witch is the classic Halloween image, which explains why it’s so popular with girls of all ages. The costume usually means a long black dress, dark hair and the famous witches hat and broom. It isn’t too difficult to create your own!

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