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5 Unique Ideas For Halloween Table Decorations

5 Unique Ideas For Halloween Table Decorations

Coming up with Halloween table decorations is always great fun. Thankfully it’s easy to create a spooky atmosphere at this time of year. These suggestions should help get you going, and they’re all perfect for the whole family to put together.

1) Pumpkin

You knew that pumpkin would be on this list somewhere, didn’t you? But there are many ways to display your pumpkin proudly, besides a basic carving. You could decorate the base of the pumpkin with fall leaves, use the pumpkin as a vase for a big display of flowers/ leaves, or even spray the pumpkin black to create a Halloween-themed pumpkin and spider web display.

2) Body Parts

These are the kind of Halloween table decorations that kids just love to help you make! Get yourself some Halloween eyeballs and dot them around the table, or go one step further and create your own Halloween specimen jars. You and your kids can work together to find a range of vegetables to represent different body parts.

3) A Witches Hat

This is another hugely popular idea for a Halloween centerpiece, and it isn’t difficult to see why! This can be as simple as buying a cheap witches hat from a Halloween costume store and decorating it with spiders, bats and any other Halloween-themed items. If you were feeling adventurous, you could make a huge Halloween witch hat cake to place in the middle of the table.

4) Candles

Get creative with some candles to create the perfect atmosphere with your Halloween table decorations. The gothic theme works best for this, so stick to black candlestick holders and long, thin candlesticks. You can use this as a centerpiece, and place smaller candles all around the table. Turn the lights off to create the spooky atmosphere you want at a Halloween party. Remember to be careful about where you place any real candles, especially if they’re near flammable material or could easily be knocked over.

5) Tablecloths

No matter which Halloween table decorations you ultimately choose, you should buy a themed tablecloth as the backdrop of your display. The simplest option is to buy a plain black cloth and decorate it with what goes on the table. Some tablecloths are already decorated with bats, skulls and other Halloween imagery.

6) Skulls

Around Halloween it’s easy to find skulls available to buy in stores. Some of them are suitable for holding a tea light candle, adding to the atmosphere. Or you could use them as candy jars to gross people out every time they want to reach for a treat!

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Unique Vampire Halloween Costumes For Women

Unique Vampire Costumes For Women

Vampire costumes for women have been a firm favorite at Halloween for many years now. Although we all have ideas about how the classic vampire can look, new shows and movies, such as True Blood and Twilight, have given women more scope for unique Halloween costumes than ever!

The Classic Vampire Look

Although there is a huge range of different female vampires out there in popular entertainment, vampire costumes for women almost always include a few basic elements…

1) Pale Skin: Vampires don’t go out in the sun, so they tend to be a lot paler than living humans. Use white makeup, or foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone, to recreate the “undead” look.

2) Dark Eyes: Vampires tend to have darker eyes, so recreate this with some dark eye shadow on and below the lids. If you really want to take this further, you can even add some red or black contacts.

3) Fangs: All vampires have fangs to make it easier to drain their victims. Although not all vampires keep their fangs out constantly, you’ll want to get hold of some fake fangs so that everyone knows exactly what youÂ’re supposed to be dressed up as!

Pam From True Blood

If a sexy, modern vampire is the kind you want to go as then why not try dressing like Pam from True Blood? Some of Pam’s defining characteristics include her long, poker straight blonde hair, her bright red lipstick, and her sex appeal! She’s also known to wear a lot of leather and PVC while she’s on the clock at Fangtasia. And don’t forget the high heels and, of course, the vampire fangs!

Akasha From Queen of the Damned

This movie may have been released a while ago now, but the Akasha character is still one of the most famous and unique of all the female vampires. If you want to look a little different from all the other vampires out on Halloween, why not try to look like Aaliyah did in her famous role?

Akasha’s costume is tribal and Egyptian, with a long skirt, coiled breastplates, belt and very detailed vampire crown. This won’t be an easy costume to recreate, but if you choose to do so you’ll certainly be the center of attention at any Halloween party! This costume is great for a bit of belly dancing, too!

As you can see, there are ways to create unique vampire costumes for women if you think outside the box – you don’t have to stick to long black gowns and black hair!

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Vampire Costumes For Men How To Make Yours Unique

Vampire Costumes For Men: How To Make Yours Unique

You’re bound to see vampire costumes for men at any Halloween party you go to. The good news is that, because vampires are so varied, there’s always a way to personalize your costume and make sure that you stand out from the crowd at any party.

The Classic Male Vampire

The classic male vampire has a long cape, black pants, a shirt and a vest. This is the way Dracula would look, with deep red colors and a frilly shirt representative of the time. Most vampires also come with long fangs for draining their victims, and a touch of blood on the side of the mouth helps to complete the look.

These traditional vampire costumes are fun to wear and can take a lot of work to put together. Thankfully there are a number of readymade options available to buy in stores if you want to save some time. That said, if you are attending a vampire-themed party, you might want to go for something more unique. A more modern vampire, perhaps.

Eric From True Blood

Eric isn’t your traditional vampire. There are no capes involved, and he has very light, blonde hair. Eric tends to favor well-fitted clothing, especially dark leather while he’s working all through the night at Fangtasia. You’ll want to get hold of a blonde wig, vampire fangs and some white face makeup to complete his pale look. And you’ll need a dash of arrogance too if you’re going to play this Viking vampire.

Twilight Vampires

The vampires of Twilight are also far from your traditional vampire image. The Cullen vampires have famous golden or black eyes, which you can replicate with contact lenses as long as you make sure they’re safe. If you want to look like Edward, get yourself a blonde wig and complete the look with dark clothing and small fangs.

The Vampire Lestat

Lestat has gone through a number of costume changes in the movies Interview With The Vampire and Queen of the Damned, so you have a good choice of costume already. In his later years, Lestat became a rock star. If you choose to go with this vampire costume theme you’ll want some leather pants, rock star shades, and a gothic rock star shirt. If you’d rather go for a more traditional look, then opt for Lestat’s Victorian period – full of lace, long coats and frilly shirts.

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