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Megamind Halloween Costumes

Megamind Halloween Costumes For The Evil Genius Inside Of You

Megamind is the 2011 Dreamworks animated movie featuring Will Ferrell as the genius alien, and Brad Pitt as the good guy, Metro Man. Kids loved this hit movie, so it makes sense that it’s going to be popular this Halloween, too.

As with any superhero costumes, there are a few features of the outfits that you’ll want to make sure you get right if you want everyone to know what the costume is meant to be.


Megamind is an evil genius, always battling against his nemesis Metro Man. If you want to go as this character this Halloween then there are a few key features you’ll want to get right.

The giant head – Megamind is so clever that he needs an extra big head to house his brain! It’s not just big, either, it’s also bald and blue in color. He has a distinctly evil look on his face, with a goatee beard and big green eyes.

The clothes – Like any good evil genius, Megamind has a distinctive outfit to go with him. It’s a black and blue body suit with a matching cape – and that all important stiff collar to go with it.

Accessories – If you really want to complete the outfit then get your hands on some long black gloves and black boots to match Megamind’s style.

Metro Man

Metro Man has been battling against Megamind since they were both children. If you want to go as the “good guy” this Halloween, then here are the key features you’ll want to remember:

Mask – First, try to get hold of a mask to replicate Metro Man’s cheesy superhero smile, along with his slicked back hair and quiff.

Clothing – Metro Man is the good guy, so he’s dressed all in white with that important “M” logo on the front of his chest.

Accessories – You’ll need white gloves and boots if you want to complete the perfect Metro Man look.

Official Megamind Halloween Costumes

If you want to do this the easy way then you can get hold of readymade Megamind costumes, officially licensed from the movie creators. Unfortunately these are only available in child sizes at this time, but they make the perfect costume for your kid this year. And, if you do nothing else, you may at least want to to check out the official masks – they will make your costume a whole lot more recognizable.

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