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Sucker Punch Halloween Costume Ideas

Sucker Punch Costume Ideas For Fierce Women This Halloween

If you want a strong female character costume idea this Halloween then Sucker Punch is the costume for you. This movie went down a storm in theaters, and showed that women can kick ass too! Here’s a guide to dressing as Sucker Punch for your costume party.


If you want to go as the main character Babydoll then here’s what you need to incorporate into your Sucker Punch Halloween costume:

Hair – Babydoll has her trademark long blonde hair, tied into bunches and held back with a headband. This may make her look sweet, but don’t be fooled! She’s a lot stronger and a lot more fierce than she looks.

Clothing – Babydoll’s usually seen wearing short skirts, crop tops and long socks, further pushing her “sweet” image.

Weapons – She really isn’t as as harmless as she looks! To complete your Babydoll outfit, get your hands on a long sword.

Other Sucker Punch Character Costumes

Sweat Pea – Sweat Pea is another sassy female costume for Halloween this year. To pull this one off, you’ll need to get your hands on thigh high black boots, hotpants, and a long hooded jacket. Don’t forget to complete the outfit with a sword.

Blondie – Blondie is a powerful fighter who’s favored weapon is an axe, not a sword. Her outfit consists of thigh high boots, a hotpant black body suit, long fingerless gloves, and leather belt.

Rocket – She may be Sweat Pea’s younger sister, but Rocket has a style all of her own. For this outfit, find a gray mini dress, thigh high boots, long fingerless gloves and a blonde wig. The costume is finished off with plenty of leather belts wrapped around the costume body.

Amber – Amber rocks the sexy soldier style. To pull this off, you’ll want to get your hands on an army uniform, creating tears around the legs and the middle. Underneath, Amber wears fishnet tights and black hotpants, finishing it off with a small army-style cap and knife.

Officially Licensed Costumes

If you want to make things a little easier on yourself then the good news is that there are officially licensed costumes available to buy if you need one. All of the costume ideas listed above are available in readymade packages, though you could always go ahead and create your own character in the style of Sucker Punch if you’re feeling creative!

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Choosing The Perfect Sexy Costume for Halloween

Halloween is the one day when children get to go to strangers homes and beg for candy. In most place, the weather on Halloween is a little on the cold side, but this does not mean that Halloween fun is only for kids, or that you cant stay in your nice warm house on All Hallows Eve and indulge in a little grown up fun.

If you have never bought a sexy costume for Halloween before, you may be a little confused as to how to choose one.  Some costumes online probably look more like lingerie, while some look like costumes you could wear to an adult only sexy costume party, and probably nowhere else, without halting traffic dead in its tracks that is.

The first thing to consider when choosing a sexy costume is where you are planning to wear it. If you are not going to leave the house, then a harem bikini costume might be perfect. If you are, you may want to opt for a she devil or mermaid costume, but then again, you may not. This leads us to the next factor to consider when choosing a sexy costume, your individual personality.

Are you confident, daring, and possess a little bit of a wild streak? If so, why not try a sexy nurse, French maid, harem or slave girl costume? Are you a little more inhibited? A mermaid costume, or a costume that covers a little more of your body might be more appropriate for you.

Whether you decide to bare a little or a lot of your body really depends on you, because only you know which parts of your body you feel most comfortable showing off or downplaying.

When you decide on a costume, particularly if you are ordering one online, take the time to measure yourself to ensure the right fit. It may take a little longer than just automatically clicking the buy button, but it will save you time, and the hassle of returning a costume, in the long run.

Ultimately, whatever costume you choose should be a reflection of you, your personality, and should make you look your very best at the same time.  For more sexy costume ideas, and photos, the Internet is a great resource, and once you find one that you like and are sure of the fit, ordering it is easy and fast.

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