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Lord of the Rings Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Ideas For A Lord of the Rings Themed Halloween Costume

Although the Lord of the Rings movie series was released a while ago now, this is always an exciting and fun costume theme for Halloween. And, with the release of the Hobbit just around the corner, you may just have a renewed interest in these characters.

There are plenty of unique characters to choose from in Lord of the Rings. All of the costume ideas below are available in the form of an officially licensed costume (if you don’t want to make your own).



If you’d like to choose this strong warrior and eventual king as your Halloween alter ego then there are a few key elements to the costume. To start with, you need a long brown wig, maybe even a little dark makeup for that rugged look of a warrior who doesn’t have time to watch his personal appearance. The outfit itself is quite simple – a tunic with armor underneath, topped off with black gloves and a sword.




Legolas is an Elf and a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. His most distinctive feature is his long blonde hair, tied half back. This means a wig is essential for anyone who wants to dress as this courageous character. Aside from this you’ll want to get hold of a tunic, cloak and bow and arrow accessory.

The Witch King


Although the Witch King may not feature in the movies for long, nobody can forget his distinctive look. His unforgettable helmet is available to buy as an officially licensed costume accessory. It’s such high quality that it looks just like the one from the film. To complete the look, you’ll need plenty of black armor.


[cjwizard]Arwen Deluxe,3,,,,,,,,,,,[/cjwizard]

Arwen was Aragorn’s Elven lover and, later, wife. Any Arwen outfit is going to need to include long flowing dresses with bell sleeves. Velvet fabrics in dark colors would be most recognizable for this character, but you can choose any medieval-style long dress if you want to. To top the outfit off, opt for celtic jewelery and those classic Elf ears.


[cjwizard]Gandalf Deluxe,3,,,,,,,,,,,[/cjwizard]

The Gandalf costume is a really fun choice. As a wizard, he’s always wearing a cloak, whether this is gray or white. Use a rope to tie the cloak at the middle, get hold of your powerful staff, and make sure to top it off with an all-important grey wig and beard accessory!

The best thing about Lord of the Rings is that the choices are virtually endless. Aside from the options above, you may also choose to go as Gollum, a Hobbit, Saruman or the Nazgul.

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