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Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

Little Red Riding Hood is the classic children’s story that took on a new twist when it hit the movie screens in 2011. Whether you want to go as one of the classic characters, or want to take inspiration from the more modern versions, here’s a guide to putting the perfect Red Riding Hood Halloween costume together.

Red Riding Hood Movie Version

The story in the movie is a little different to most tellings – it features a werewolf in the forest around the village, rather than the typical wolf of the story. However, Red Riding Hood still looks mostly the same, with her long flowing blonde hair, and her red cloak and hood.

Classic Red Riding Hood Costume

Although Red Riding Hood has been retold in a number of different things, one thing that all versions have in common is the fact that the girl is always wearing a red cloak, and carrying food to her grandmother through the woods. This should be the basis of any Red Riding Hood costume.

The classic Red Riding Hood costume is usually made to look more childlike than the movie version. It often features long or frilly socks, with the addition of a picnic basket in which she was carrying the food.

There are readymade costumes available for adults and children if you want to dress as Little Red Riding Hood. They nearly all make use of the red and white colored scheme, some with long capes, and some made from long red dresses. A long blonde wig or braids usually completes the look.

For women, there’s also the option of choosing a sexy Red Riding Hood Halloween outfit this year. This usually means a shorter skirt, an off-the-shoulder gypsy style top, and long white stockings with heels.

The Red Riding Hood Wolf

The Red Riding Hood wolf is another fun idea for a costume this Halloween. To get this right, all you need to do is dress as a wolf disguised as Red Riding Hood’s grandma. The classic tale says that the wolf got to the grandmother first, swallowed her whole and wore her clothes in order to lure Red Riding Hood close to him. When he managed to do so, he swallowed her whole too!

Since Riding Hood’s grandma was sick at the time, she’s usually in her cap and nightgown in any retelling of the story. These shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of and wear over the top of any furry wolf costume that you’ll find in costume stores.

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