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Womens Pirate Halloween Costume

Women’s Pirate Halloween Costume

Legend has it that there were two rather well known female pirates – one by the name of Anne Bonney and the other named Mary Read. Since life wasn’t fair to women back in the 1600s, these women chose to dress in the same clothing style as men and sought the same adventure-filled life aboard a ship.

There, they fought and plundered to the best of their ability and became known for their tempers and fierceness during battles. Perhaps something in their blood called them to the life of piracy. Whatever the reason, you too, can find adventure in a women’s pirate Halloween costume.

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum, it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Elizabeth Pirate Deluxe costume that’s first on the hot list. It could be because the costume features the comfortable gray pants, red vest coat and boot covers will let you comfortably sail and plunder to your heart’s content but there could be a second reason this costume is a top pick. It got the attention of the handsome Will Turner!

If you’re searching for something with a little spunk to a women’s pirate Halloween costume, try the women’s plus Sassy Victorian Pirate. There are no rules that say a pirate can’t enjoy a pretty outfit as she captains the ship. This costume is in the color of burnished gold and a matching yellow. It comes with a hat. Slip on some high-heeled black boots and you’ll be the talk of the seas.

Do you want a pirate costume that’s a little more frilly and feminine? You can have that with the Women’s 3-piece Treasure Hunt Pirate costume. This stunning ensemble is a peasant dress that’s made to lace up the front, and comes with snug fitting panties. The pirate hat with skull applique finishes off this pink and black outfit.

It’s not a secret that sailing toward the horizon and crossing the seas can be a rough and sometimes hazardous journey and that’s why you’ll want a costume that’ll hold up to the rigorous demands of ship or Halloween party. The Buckaneer Beauty costume is sturdy as well as attractive. The costume dress is colorful in shades of blue and red and tan and the striped sash adds that rakish touch.

Finding the right women’s pirate Halloween costume won’t be difficult and for one more offering on the horizon, try out the lace mini dress with the High Seas Pirate Costume. This lovely white dress is off the shoulders and comes with arm ribbons. But whatever costume you pick, you’ll have a swashbuckling good time celebrating Halloween.

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Baby Pirate Halloween Costumes

Baby Pirate Costume

Like clockwork, summer faded into fall and the time to head out trick or treating is now upon us. In the midst of all of the preparation, there’s one task that should always be taken care of quickly – and that’s grabbing the costumes you want before all of the good ones are gone.

Especially when it comes to costumes for babies. Babies are such a pint-sized treasure, and now your little one can steal hearts when he or she is wearing the baby pirate costume.

There’s no time like now to set sail for the best costumes available, so your wee captain or ship’s mate can rake in the treats – and that’s no trick! There are several pirate outfits you can choose from, and it will be easy to find one that will fit your baby.

For pirate costumes, the Baby Boy Infant Halloween Costume fits up to a 12-month-old baby. This one comes with a black and white shirt worthy of any pirate, plus it’s plenty roomy. It also has the red pirate pants and a matching sash. Sit him beside a treasure chest when he’s wearing this Halloween costume and you’ll have a great photo opportunity.

There’s also a baby pirate costume that’s cute and comfortable. The Paper Magic Group Little Pirate Prince costume is a replica of the old fashioned gear worn by those who plundered the high seas. You get a headscarf, striped pants and vest.

Next in the adventurous costume line up is the Infant Puny Pirate Costume. This bodysuit has easy diaper change access with the snap enclosures in the red and black striped pants. The black top with white ruffled front piece gives quite the roguish air. The belt, headpiece and booties complete this ensemble.

For the little princess to dress like a pirate in a baby pirate costume, there’s the Too Cute To Spook Pirate Princess Costume and it’s a picture in Halloween sweetness with just the right touch of adventure she’ll love. This little outfit is created in such a way that it looks like the costume is layer upon layer of clothing, when in reality, it’s all one very comfortable piece.

The dress features a black and white striped skirt with the jagged edge trim fit for any pirate ship. The little pirate jacket that’s red, open in the front and comes with a black belt adds real flair to the costume. Rounding out the outfit is the black pirate hat with the skull emblem.

Finally in the baby pirate costume arena is the Baby Captain Hook Pirate Costume that babies up to six months of age can wear. This little bunting outfit is red, with a white front making it look like a shirt. The little black faux belt polishes off the outfit and once it’s on, your little one is ready for the big night!

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Creating The Perfect Mens Pirate Halloween Costume

Creating The Perfect Men’s Pirate Costume

The men’s pirate costume is such a popular theme at Halloween, even whole parties are based around it! Choosing to dress as a pirate this year doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up looking the same as everyone else, though. Here are a few ideas to make sure you get your unique pirates costume just right.

The Elements Of A Pirate Halloween Costume

The classic men’s pirate costume consists of a number of important elements:

The hair – Pirates aren’t known to take the best care of their appearance: they’ve got more important things to worry about! As such, pirate hair is often long and messy, held into place with a classic pirate bandana.

The hat – Pirate hats come in a number of unique shapes and sizes, though they’re usually big and triangular in shape. If you really want everyone to know you’re a pirate then get a hat marked with the classic skull and crossbones.

Clothing – Pirate clothing usually consists of puffy shirts, vests, and pants tucked into their black boots.

Accessories – No pirate would be complete without his sword, so make sure you have one to hand. Other accessories that’ll help you complete the pirate look include an earring in one ear, feathers in your hair, and a parrot on your shoulder.

Some pirates even have missing hands, which they replace with hooks, and missing legs, which they replace with the wooden peg leg. Adding any of these accessories will make sure everyone knows what you’ve come as at this Halloween party!

Famous Pirate Characters

If you want to take your inspiration from famous pirates from the media then there are a few distinguishing features of these pirates you’ll want to include:

Jack Sparrow – Jack wears the traditional puffy pirate shirt and big boots, but his most notable feature is his hair. You’ll need long, dark dreadlocks if you want to go as this pirate at Halloween, with a red bandana and a triangular pirate hat.

Davy Jones – Here’s a unique pirate costume idea! The best thing about Davy Jones is his beard full of tentacles. You can put this together yourself, but thankfully there are realistic masks available if you want to make things a little easier!

Captain Hook – This famous pirate was always after Peter Pan, but could never quite catch him. He has distinctive curly locks, a hook for a hand, and an irrational fear of ticking clocks!

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