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How To Pick The Best Plus Size Disney Halloween Costumes To Suit Your Figure

How To Pick The Best Plus Size Disney Costumes To Suit Your Figure

The princes and princesses featured in Disney movies are often smaller than anyone in real life. So how do you take this theme and come up with an idea that flatters your curvy figure?

Empire/ A-Line Dresses

The great thing about Disney princesses is that many of them make use of an empire line or A-line waist. This means that the dress gathers just under the bust or at the waist, emphasizing the smallest part of your body and helping to create a perfect silhouette. If the shape of your waist is something that concerns you then stick to princess dresses such as Belle, Snow White and Cinderella.

Make Sure It Fits!

The best way to make sure that plus size Disney costumes look good on you is to check that they fit properly. Firstly, this means buying well made clothing, so stick to officially licensed Disney costumes from authorized retailers.

Although they may be limited in the number of sizes they have available, if they don’t quite fit then make a few tweaks such as adding a belt to draw in the waist or making a few adjustments before Halloween.

Best Plus Size Disney Costume Ideas

Now that you know how to choose the most flattering plus size costumes, here are a few of the best Disney characters for you to dress up as this Halloween.

Snow White: She may not have been a large woman in the movie, but she does wear a very layered dress that gets wide as it hits the floor. This makes it the perfect costume idea for women of just about any size. Disney also makes an officially licensed version of this costume.

Cruella De Vil: The evil woman from the Hundred And One Dalmatians movies is the perfect choice for the larger lady at Halloween. Despite her wrongdoings, she’s still got a weirdly glamorous style all of her own. Get hold of a big black and white wig, and dress up in a long black dress, red heels, and the famous fur coat!

Queen of Hearts: The queen of the popular Alice In Wonderland movie is also another firm favorite among larger ladies. Again, the full skirt and bodice helps to flatter all figures. This dress should feature the colors red, black and white, and be decorated with heart symbols.

Ultimately, the best plus size Disney costumes are the ones that fit and that you feel comfortable in! Don’t feel like Disney is a theme that only skinny women can tackle. In many cases, your curves will make the outfit look even better!

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