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Mens Halloween Costumes

Men’s Halloween Costumes

Gotham City needs you, Batman! But in the meantime, you need a costume too – and among the men’s Halloween costumes, one in particular stands out in the darkness. That one is the Men’s Deluxe Muscle Chest The Dark Knight Batman Costume.

This replica (patterned after the movie) features a black jumpsuit, with boot tops included, the black cape and of course that crime fighting utility belt. Let’s not forget the mask. You’ll be able to party like a superhero in this outfit.

Are you ready to have fun and beam into the party? If you’re a Star Trek fan, you can live long and prosper at the party with a Men’s Star Trek The Next Generation Deluxe Shirt. Get the red and black one, pair it with a pair of black pants, black shoes and the fleet is just waiting for you take the controls. The shirt also comes with the insignia communicator pin. Don’t forget that you can order accessories to go with the shirt.

If animal costumes are more your style, then you’ll like the California Costume Men’s Adult Gorilla costume. This full, furry bodysuit has everything including for you to thump your chest and swing with style.

If your style in men’s Halloween costumes runs toward a more gladiator style rather than animals, you’ll like the California Costumes Men’s Spartan Warrior. You’ll get the free flowing cape as well as the medallion shoulder piece.

You’ll also get the helmet and the cuffs and the men’s skirt wrap. To complete the ensemble, pair it with a pair of flat sandals and leg wraps. If you have a nice set of abs, this is one costume that goes over very well with the ladies.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, let’s not forget the much beloved characters from the Harry Potter sagas. You too can show your appreciation and loyalty for these beloved characters with the Harry Potter Adult Robe.

All you need to look like Harry Potter is to add some hair gel, comb your hair straight down and add a pair of round spectacles. Of course, if you prefer to go to your Halloween festivities as his archenemy Voldemort, you can find the Harry Potter Adult Voldemort robe will suit what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for laughs in men’s Halloween costumes, then look no further than the Reno 911 Lt. Dangle Police Officer Costume. With the tan outfit consisting of the shirt and the shortie shorts you’ll stop traffic and are sure to win any best costume contests.

Now if you’re looking for something with a little more teeth, you might want to check out the California Costumes Men’s Very Cool Vampire Costume. It carries just the right bite to it with the old fashioned shirt from a bygone era and the black and red cape.

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5 Ideas For Funny Mens Halloween Costumes

5 Ideas For Funny Men’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an excuse to have fun, which helps to explain why funny men’s Halloween costumes are so popular. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind poking a little fun at yourself, then these costume ideas will be right up your street.

1) Super Mario

This is a great costume for the larger man, or anyone who wants to become one for the evening! The Super Mario costume should include the bright red shirt, the blue plumber overalls, the red hat with the “M” logo and the famous Mario mustache.

2) Banana

The banana has always been a firm favorite in the world of funny men’s Halloween costumes. You can either go for the standard banana, or turn yourself into a banana “flasher” with a costume that has the banana skin peeling away from the bottom of the fruit.

3) Inflatable Doll

This is a funny costume suitable for adult-only Halloween parties. Don a skin-colored one-piece body suit and transform yourself into a blow up doll. To really pull this off, you’ll need to get a good mask that lets you have that constantly “surprised” look on your face.

4) Drag Queen

It’s always funny when any man goes dressed as a woman at Halloween. If you’re not afraid of showing off your feminine side then you could go dressed as a famous female celebrity, Miss World, a pregnant nun, or any kind of woman you fancy being for one night.

5) Big Baby

Why is it that men love to dress up as big babies on Halloween? If you’re the kind of man who never really grew up then this is the perfect Halloween costume for you. Just get your hands on a giant nappy, a dummy and baby grow and you can spend the night as a baby.

6) Where’s Waldo

Everyone will recognize the classic Waldo character at Halloween. To get this look right you need the bright red and white stripy jumper, and the matching stripy bobbly hat. Ironically, it won’t be too hard for people to spot you among the crowd in this classic outfit!

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