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Quick Halloween Craft Idea: Witch’s Hands!

This is a hand-print craft with a difference! You need only a few inexpensive supplies which you will probably have lying around the house. It is an easy craft to do with a crowd of children and the results are great for decorating the house or classroom. Best of all, you will end up with a fun memento to keep and look back on as the children grow.

You will need:

  • Green card or paper
  • Scraps of black, red or purple card, paper, felt, tissue paper etc
  • Pencils and pens
  • White glue


Draw around the children’s hands onto the green card. Older children can pair up and draw round each other’s hands. Cut out carefully.

Use the scraps of paper or card to cut pointed oval shapes for long, spiky finger nails and stick them on – embellishing, if you like, with glitter or stickers.

Draw some spidery veins onto the hands, using your own hands as inspiration.

Why not add a wart or two? Make them by scrunching tissue paper into a tiny ball and sticking onto the hands with white glue.

Use the hands to decorate a notice-board, the fridge, or the Halloween table (place them on either side of a plate for a humorous effect). If you attach them to the edge of doors with sticky-tack it looks as if someone spooky could be hiding on the other side!

Alternatively, attach plain white paper to the back of the hands and use them as invitations!


Children could create monster hands. Use cream or brown card and square off the fingers of the hand-prints before cutting out. Fingernails should be black or perhaps silver, and also square in shape. Use black pen to draw veins and lots of spiky black hair in the center of the hand and knuckles!

Ghostly hands can be made out of white card. Stretch your hand-prints out a little to give particularly long, thin fingers. Make fingernails out of grey or silver scraps and decorate with silver glitter. Use pencil or grey pen to draw on veins.

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Halloween Activities For Toddlers: Pumpkins

Halloween inspires all kinds of activities to do with your toddler, especially pumpkin fun! Visiting the pumpkin patch together, shopping for (or making) Halloween costumes, and decorating the house. But one of the best Halloween activities is doing art projects together.


Here are two very simple pumpkin crafts that every toddler will enjoy. Prepare for the activity in advance, so your little ball of energy can dive right in.

Simple Paper Jack-o-Lantern

There’s nothing at all fancy about this idea. Simply cut a few pumpkins out of orange construction paper. Then, cut several triangles and a few big goofy grins out of either black or yellow paper. Lastly, cut a stem shape and leaves out of green or brown paper.

Present the pieces to your toddler along with a glue stick and watch his creativity. Consider framing this work of art with some photos of your child at the pumpkin patch.

You’ll treasure those three-eyed jack-o-lanterns years from now.

Pumpkin Painting

Oftentimes younger children miss out on the fun of jack-o-lanterns, because they obviously are too young to handle a knife. A toddler can scoop pumpkin guts, and draw a face onto a pumpkin, but then the rest must be handed over to an adult for the actual carving.

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Here’s a safer option. Pumpkin Painting. Think of how much fun your toddler or preschooler will have designing a pumpkin from beginning to end. And, don’t stop with pumpkins. Paint gourds, too. Simply put an old t-shirt on your toddler, get out non-toxic paints, head outside so you donĂ­t have to worry about the mess and he’ll go to town.

Spending art time with your toddler is not difficult and doesn’t need to be challenging. Just give him age-appropriate tools, grab your camera, and relax. Your child will feel cherished, and you’ll begin a tradition of making memories together.

Watch out Picasso. There’s a new artist in town.

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