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Scott Pilgrim Halloween Costume

Scott Pilgrim And The Seven Evil Exes: A Guide To Putting Together Your Halloween Costume

For a quirky and unique Halloween costume this year, why not consider going as Scott Pilgrim or one of the seven evil exes? They all have unique characteristics, so you’ve got plenty of ideas to choose from.

Scott Pilgrim

If you want to go as Scott Pilgrim himself then it shouldn’t be too difficult to put something suitable together. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll usually see him wearing:

Hairstyle – Scott sports a relatively short, light brown, shaggy hairstyle.

Clothing – Scott often wears shirts from his favorite bands, or inspired by comic books. One of the most memorable outfits is the orange “Plumtree” t-shirt with jeans and red wristbands.

Accessories – To really complete the look, get yourself a cheap long plastic sword from any toy or costume store. You can personalize the sword with red and orange fabric or card to create the flames, and a cut out heart at the end of the handle.

The Seven Evil Exes

Of course, the seven evil exes provide more than enough ideas for Halloween costumes if you want to go for something a little more adventurous. Here are the main elements of each of their costumes:

1) Matthew Patel: This is Ramona’s first evil Ex. He’s Indian and has slick black hair in swept bangs over his face, and a lot of black eyeliner. He wears a striped rugby shirt underneath a cream colored jacket.

2) Lucas Lee: The pro skateboarder turned movie star is seen wearing a black leather jacket with a black-t shirt and jeans. Not the most adventurous of all the evil exes in terms of costume inspiration!

3) Todd Ingram: Todd is one ex who has a very distinctive costume. He has super powers thanks to following a vegan diet, and his distinguishing features are blonde hair, the tight white t-shirt with a big number “3” on the front, white pants and black and white sweatbands.

4) Roxie Richter: Ninja Roxie is the only female out of all of Ramona’s evil exes. She’s got a rock chick vibe going on, with a short black skirt, a torn black jacket, black dog collar, and torn black flower-patterned tights. To complete the look you’ll need to put your hair (or wig) into two half-bunches, and wear a lot of black makeup around the eyes.

5) Kyle & 6) Ken Katayanagi: If you want to dress up as one of these evil Japanese twins for your Halloween party then you’re going to need a friend to go with you as the other one! Ken wears all white, with a blond wig, and Kyle wears a red and black sun print shirt with jeans.

7) Gideon Gordon Graves: The last evil ex is one of the most famous, and presents the toughest battle for Scott. To pull off this character, you’ll need smart white shoes, black pants, a red shirt, black tie, and white blazer on top. To complete the look, don’t forget the glasses.

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Captain America Halloween Costume

Captain America Costumes For Halloween: The Patriotic Superhero

Captain America is the latest comic book superhero to hit the big movie screen in the 2011 “Captain America: First Avenger” movie. As such, you can be sure to see this character everywhere this Halloween!

This is a fun costume theme both for men and women – it’s patriotic and super strong at the same time!

Steve Rogers is frustrated at not being able to fight for his country in World War II. He goes on to take part in an experiment that ends up boosting his strength to the maximum capacity capable of any human. Although Captain America doesn’t have “superpowers”, he does have amazing strength and the famous indestructible shield.

The Elements Of A Captain America Costume

Like any other superhero, Captain America has a very distinctive outfit that lets everyone know he’s arrived. Playing on his name, he makes use of all the colors of the American flag: red, white and blue, featuring both stars and stripes.

The indestructible shield – Captain America never goes out with his shield, which he uses as a weapon as well as a way of defending himself. This shield is circular in shape, with red and white stripes around the edges, and a white star on a blue background in the middle.

The helmet – Captain America wears a distinctive blue helmet with an “A” on the front, shaped around his head and eyes , but leaving the mouth uncovered.

Clothing – Captain America’s costume consists of a blue jumpsuit with a large star on the chest, and two smaller stars on the side of each of the shoulders.

Officially Licensed Captain America Halloween Costumes

If you want to go the easy route then there are a number of officially licensed Captain America Halloween costumes available to buy, both for adults and children. All of the official costumes look extremely convincing, and are instantly recognizable as this famous superhero.

There are also costumes for women as well as men, turning the costume theme into a dress and still featuring the famous Captain America shield.

Captain America really is a fun costume choice for Halloween, and it doesn’t have to be too difficult to put together thanks to the fact that it looks so distinctive. You could even take this theme one step further and just use it as inspiration for your own patriotic designs. As long as you can incorporate the three main colors, the stars and the stripes, you’ll be showing your loyalty to America!

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Burlesque Halloween Costume Ideas

Burlesque Movie Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’ve seen the hit movie starring Cher and Christina Aguilera then you were probably just as impressed by the costumes as you were with the performances. If you think you’re daring enough to use this theme for Halloween, then here are some exciting ideas to choose from.

Getting The Burlesque Outfit Right

When you think of burlesque, you immediately think of sexy. However, burlesque was just as much about the comedy and the entertainment as it was about the revealing outfits. To get the burlesque look right, you need to have the right attitude – you want to have some fun with this!

The outfits in the Burlesque movie itself generally conform to the traditional idea of this style of costume. Moulin Rouge is another movie that comes to mind when you imagine what was worn – usually dark colors, layers, corsets and ruffles.

When you wear this style of dress, it’s important to get into character. Yes, the costumes are revealing, but you’ve got enough confidence and beauty to carry them off with style!

Thankfully, burlesque has always been a popular theme for Halloween costumes, meaning there are a huge range of readymade outfits to choose from. If you don’t want to go down that route, however, choose a silky corset from a lingerie store and combine that with a ruffled skirt, big hair and some accessories.

Key Burlesque Accessories

As well as the main outfit itself, any Burlesque movie Halloween costume is going to need to make use of key accessories to complete the look…

* Hosiery: Stockings were always an important part of any burlesque outfit, usually attached using garters. You can also use a variety of different tights, including fishnets, sheer designs, or those featuring lines and stripes. As long as it helps shape the legs and add interest to your outfit, it’s in!

* Gloves: Due to the fact that burlesque outfits were usually an exaggeration of clothing worn in Victorian times, costumes often make use of long gloves that extend far up the arm, past the elbows. The gloves also came to form an important part of the striptease.

* Jewelry: You can choose to wear just about any jewelry you want with your burlesque Halloween costume. Necklaces were popular for covering the open neckline, as were hairpieces or dazzling earrings. Anything that’s bold and eye-catching is a good addition to your outfit!

In short, any Halloween costume inspired by the Burlesque movie is a costume to have fun with! Don’t be afraid to spend a few hours pampering yourself and doing your hair and makeup before heading out for the evening as a burlesque performer.

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Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

Angry Birds Costumes: A Unique Idea For Halloween Any Year!

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Angry Birds is the ridiculously addictive game that’s been played by thousands of smartphone and tablet computer users. The game has become so popular, in fact, that official Angry Birds Halloween costumes have now been released!

Choosing the Angry Birds theme for Halloween is excellent if there are a few of you who want to coordinate your costumes. There are quite a few characters in this game, meaning more unique costumes to choose from. This costume is also suitable for both kids and adults, as it’s a game played by just about all ages.

Officially Licensed Angry Birds Costumes

The good news is that it’s easy to get the Angry Birds look just right if you choose to buy an officially licensed costume. Here’s the lowdown on what’s available:

Red Bird: This is the classic character you think of when you imagine Angry Birds. The red bird of the earlier levels looks fierce! This costume is designed to stand out from your body in the round bird shape – it comes with pillow pouches so you can stuff it into shape.

Yellow or Black Birds: Fancy going as the yellow or black bird instead? These are other big costumes that’ll create the right shape for the bird’s body, with holes for your face, arms and legs.

King Pig: The last choice is for you to go as the green King Pig. This is the pig that the birds are angry at and want to see destroyed! This is a classic green color, featuring the pig’s snout, eyes and small golden crown.

Whichever character you play, remember that the birds really are angry! After all, the pigs have stolen all of their eggs. It’s time to take revenge if they want to survive! This could make for some fun interactions between the birds and the pigs on Halloween, if you can get enough of you together wearing costumes based around this theme.

Can You Make Your Own Angry Birds Halloween Costumes?

There’s no reason why you can’t attempt to make your own Angry Birds Halloween costumes, but it could be hard to get the round shape of the bird right. That said, as long as you get the distinctive facial features correct you’ll probably still look recognizable as one of these fun characters.

Go one step further and you could even create a large catapult to bring with you to the Halloween party. You’re not really going to be catapulting yourself towards green pigs, of course, but it’s a fun prop that makes the costume even more real.

And don’t forget one key fact about the angry birds – they don’t have wings!

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Boys Halloween Costumes

Boy’s Halloween Costumes

Boys have a lot of imagination and with the right boy’s Halloween costumes, they’ll get plenty of play out of them all year round. Boys love to run and go and do. They love action figures and action games and they love costumes that tap into that active drive.

For example, one of the big hits in costumes with boys is the Clone Trooper costume. This jumpsuit is decorated to look just like the Star Wars Clone Trooper and is very realistic. It also comes with the injected molded mask just like from the Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones movie.

Another favorite bad guy we all enjoyed and one that boys love to pretend to be is Darth Vader and now he can step into those shoes if he’s wearing the Star Wars Darth Vader costume.

This jumpsuit looks just like the one in the movies and even has the control box on the chest. He’ll also get the mask and the flowing cape. Get the light saber and the gloves and he’ll be the best Darth Vader Halloween night has ever seen.

Of course, boy’s Halloween costumes tend to always have a few favorites that stick around year after year and never fade away. One of those favorites is anything ninja related and boys love the appeal of them all. From the Stealth Ninja to the Night Shadow Ninja, boys want them all. Topping the list is the Red Ninja costume from Rubie’s Costume Co.

And let’s not forget Iron Man! The chest actually glows with the Iron Man 2 Mark 6 Classic Muscle costume. The suit adds muscle to the arms and torso and the mask comes included with the outfit. You can add special effects like a Repulsor and gloves.

For boys who like things that go howl in the night, getting him the Werewolf Child Costume would be right up that dark alley. The outfit comes with a plaid shirt and creepy looking werewolf gloves. The over the head mask adds just the right chill to the entire costume and it’s a look people won’t soon forget on this chill inducing night.

Anyone who knows boys knows that they love to take down the bad guys. Which is exactly what a boy can do in the S.W.A.T. Team Child Costume. The jumpsuit has the boot tops and helmet included. The vest is decorated with a phone, a pair of binoculars and comes with the handcuffs and badge, too.

The best way to find out what your boy would want to choose from among boy’s Halloween costumes is to find out what he becomes in his imagination and you’re sure to find a costume that he’ll love.

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X Men First Class Halloween Costumes

X-Men First Class: A New Selection Of Halloween Costumes

Thanks to the release of the X-Men prequel – X-Men First Class – in 2011, there’s been a surge in the number of X-Men costumes available to buy from stores. If this is a theme you’re considering for your Halloween costume this year then here’s a guide to what’s available and how you might go about creating your own costumes.

Before you get started, note that you can choose from a few different character options for each character. The First Class movie introduced a new set of costumes, separate from the ones we’ve seen in the other X-Men movies. This article is going to focus on those newer costume themes, though you’ll also be able to find the classic options available as officially licensed costumes in stores.


In the X-Men First Class movie, Cyclops wears a skin tight body suit in the famous blue and yellow colors. And you wouldn’t be Cyclops if you didn’t have huge muscles bulging through your jumpsuit! If these muscles don’t come naturally to you, don’t worry! The officially licensed costumes come with muscle inserts to help you get the look just right. And don’t forget the visor accessory (this also comes with officially licensed costume packs).


The clothing Beast wears in the X-Men First Class movie also plays on the yellow and blue theme. He wears a skin tight jumpsuit featuring the yellow “X” marking across the front of the suit.

Beast also has plenty of muscles showing through his costume, so you’ll want to try and create the illusion of muscles using clever stuffing, or simply buy the officially licensed costume where the muscles are already built in. Complete the look with blue hands and the blue Beast mask.



If you’d rather bring out your dark side and go dressed as Magneto then the costume in the First Class Movie is different from the other versions. The helmet is still the most distinguishable feature, and is similar to past versions with its “M” shaping around the eyes and mouth.

The costume itself sticks to the classic deep red and purple coloring, but is a little more plain than before, with a long dark cape. This movie also sees Magneto wearing the classic “X-Men” yellow and blue style costume, so you have a lot of choice if you want to go dressed as this character this Halloween.


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