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Scott Pilgrim Halloween Costume

Scott Pilgrim And The Seven Evil Exes: A Guide To Putting Together Your Halloween Costume

For a quirky and unique Halloween costume this year, why not consider going as Scott Pilgrim or one of the seven evil exes? They all have unique characteristics, so you’ve got plenty of ideas to choose from.

Scott Pilgrim

If you want to go as Scott Pilgrim himself then it shouldn’t be too difficult to put something suitable together. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll usually see him wearing:

Hairstyle – Scott sports a relatively short, light brown, shaggy hairstyle.

Clothing – Scott often wears shirts from his favorite bands, or inspired by comic books. One of the most memorable outfits is the orange “Plumtree” t-shirt with jeans and red wristbands.

Accessories – To really complete the look, get yourself a cheap long plastic sword from any toy or costume store. You can personalize the sword with red and orange fabric or card to create the flames, and a cut out heart at the end of the handle.

The Seven Evil Exes

Of course, the seven evil exes provide more than enough ideas for Halloween costumes if you want to go for something a little more adventurous. Here are the main elements of each of their costumes:

1) Matthew Patel: This is Ramona’s first evil Ex. He’s Indian and has slick black hair in swept bangs over his face, and a lot of black eyeliner. He wears a striped rugby shirt underneath a cream colored jacket.

2) Lucas Lee: The pro skateboarder turned movie star is seen wearing a black leather jacket with a black-t shirt and jeans. Not the most adventurous of all the evil exes in terms of costume inspiration!

3) Todd Ingram: Todd is one ex who has a very distinctive costume. He has super powers thanks to following a vegan diet, and his distinguishing features are blonde hair, the tight white t-shirt with a big number “3” on the front, white pants and black and white sweatbands.

4) Roxie Richter: Ninja Roxie is the only female out of all of Ramona’s evil exes. She’s got a rock chick vibe going on, with a short black skirt, a torn black jacket, black dog collar, and torn black flower-patterned tights. To complete the look you’ll need to put your hair (or wig) into two half-bunches, and wear a lot of black makeup around the eyes.

5) Kyle & 6) Ken Katayanagi: If you want to dress up as one of these evil Japanese twins for your Halloween party then you’re going to need a friend to go with you as the other one! Ken wears all white, with a blond wig, and Kyle wears a red and black sun print shirt with jeans.

7) Gideon Gordon Graves: The last evil ex is one of the most famous, and presents the toughest battle for Scott. To pull off this character, you’ll need smart white shoes, black pants, a red shirt, black tie, and white blazer on top. To complete the look, don’t forget the glasses.

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Royal Wedding Halloween Costume

Royal Family And Royal Wedding Halloween Costume Ideas

With the Royal Wedding of April 2011, and the huge success of the King’s Speech movie, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to see quite a few Royal Family themed costumes around this Halloween. Thankfully, under this umbrella there are a wide range of Halloween costume ideas for you to choose from.

Will And Kate Halloween Costumes

If you’re a fan of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and want a costume idea for both you and your partner, then why not go as Will and Kate? The most instantly recognizable outfit idea will be to go as them on their wedding day – Kate in her beautiful lace wedding dress, and Will in his red uniform.

Will’s Uniform – To get this costume right, you’ll need a red jacket and black pants. To recreate that royal atmosphere, add some gold piping to the jacket, along with the medallion and a blue slash. The good news is that Halloween stores are even stocking replicas of Will’s uniform to make it at easy as possible to choose this as your Halloween costume this year.

Kate’s Wedding Dress – Nobody can forget the way Kate looked as she stepped out in front of the crowd in “that” dress. Its most notable feature is the lace over the top and arms, as well as the royal tiara. You could choose any wedding dress and alter it to suit, or you could buy one of the readymade Kate wedding dresses that are starting to crop up in stores.

Other Royal Family Halloween Costume Ideas

If you look in any Halloween store you’ll see plenty of king, queen, prince and princess outfits. You can often make these yourself by customizing old suits and dresses, and adding accessories such as hats, gloves, jewelry and crowns!

You might want to model your royal family costumes on the royal family of today – the good news is that there are usually plenty of masks available for the Queen, Prince Charles and so on. Or you could go all out and dress as a royal character of the past. Queen Elizabeth is a fun choice, with her ornate dresses and red hair, or you could go as larger-than-life Henry VIII.

Why not take it one step further and dress like a dead royal family member? You can easily turn any historical character into a zombie with the addition of some makeup for the face, torn, dirty clothing and some fake blood.

Whatever you do, make sure you pick out a costume that’s fitting of a king or queen!

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Megamind Halloween Costumes

Megamind Halloween Costumes For The Evil Genius Inside Of You

Megamind is the 2011 Dreamworks animated movie featuring Will Ferrell as the genius alien, and Brad Pitt as the good guy, Metro Man. Kids loved this hit movie, so it makes sense that it’s going to be popular this Halloween, too.

As with any superhero costumes, there are a few features of the outfits that you’ll want to make sure you get right if you want everyone to know what the costume is meant to be.


Megamind is an evil genius, always battling against his nemesis Metro Man. If you want to go as this character this Halloween then there are a few key features you’ll want to get right.

The giant head – Megamind is so clever that he needs an extra big head to house his brain! It’s not just big, either, it’s also bald and blue in color. He has a distinctly evil look on his face, with a goatee beard and big green eyes.

The clothes – Like any good evil genius, Megamind has a distinctive outfit to go with him. It’s a black and blue body suit with a matching cape – and that all important stiff collar to go with it.

Accessories – If you really want to complete the outfit then get your hands on some long black gloves and black boots to match Megamind’s style.

Metro Man

Metro Man has been battling against Megamind since they were both children. If you want to go as the “good guy” this Halloween, then here are the key features you’ll want to remember:

Mask – First, try to get hold of a mask to replicate Metro Man’s cheesy superhero smile, along with his slicked back hair and quiff.

Clothing – Metro Man is the good guy, so he’s dressed all in white with that important “M” logo on the front of his chest.

Accessories – You’ll need white gloves and boots if you want to complete the perfect Metro Man look.

Official Megamind Halloween Costumes

If you want to do this the easy way then you can get hold of readymade Megamind costumes, officially licensed from the movie creators. Unfortunately these are only available in child sizes at this time, but they make the perfect costume for your kid this year. And, if you do nothing else, you may at least want to to check out the official masks – they will make your costume a whole lot more recognizable.

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Lord of the Rings Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Ideas For A Lord of the Rings Themed Halloween Costume

Although the Lord of the Rings movie series was released a while ago now, this is always an exciting and fun costume theme for Halloween. And, with the release of the Hobbit just around the corner, you may just have a renewed interest in these characters.

There are plenty of unique characters to choose from in Lord of the Rings. All of the costume ideas below are available in the form of an officially licensed costume (if you don’t want to make your own).



If you’d like to choose this strong warrior and eventual king as your Halloween alter ego then there are a few key elements to the costume. To start with, you need a long brown wig, maybe even a little dark makeup for that rugged look of a warrior who doesn’t have time to watch his personal appearance. The outfit itself is quite simple – a tunic with armor underneath, topped off with black gloves and a sword.




Legolas is an Elf and a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. His most distinctive feature is his long blonde hair, tied half back. This means a wig is essential for anyone who wants to dress as this courageous character. Aside from this you’ll want to get hold of a tunic, cloak and bow and arrow accessory.

The Witch King


Although the Witch King may not feature in the movies for long, nobody can forget his distinctive look. His unforgettable helmet is available to buy as an officially licensed costume accessory. It’s such high quality that it looks just like the one from the film. To complete the look, you’ll need plenty of black armor.


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Arwen was Aragorn’s Elven lover and, later, wife. Any Arwen outfit is going to need to include long flowing dresses with bell sleeves. Velvet fabrics in dark colors would be most recognizable for this character, but you can choose any medieval-style long dress if you want to. To top the outfit off, opt for celtic jewelery and those classic Elf ears.


[cjwizard]Gandalf Deluxe,3,,,,,,,,,,,[/cjwizard]

The Gandalf costume is a really fun choice. As a wizard, he’s always wearing a cloak, whether this is gray or white. Use a rope to tie the cloak at the middle, get hold of your powerful staff, and make sure to top it off with an all-important grey wig and beard accessory!

The best thing about Lord of the Rings is that the choices are virtually endless. Aside from the options above, you may also choose to go as Gollum, a Hobbit, Saruman or the Nazgul.

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Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

3 Shocking Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

Year after year, Lady Gaga always provides us with a heap of inspiration for fun and unusual Halloween costumes! 2011 was no exception.

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Here are three of the most memorable outfits for you to choose from.

1) The Meat Dress

The meat dress may have been famously worn by Gaga last year, but it’ll still be a big hit at Halloween costume parties in 2011. Unfortunately, it really isn’t easy or hygienic to wear the real thing, but there are ways to go about creating your own fake meat.

The best idea is to get hold of various meat-colored fabrics. Try getting a few shades of pink or red, and piecing strips together over a basic undergarment. Lady Gaga’s dress was wrapped around her and longer at the sides than the front and back. She finished off the outfit with a meat headpiece and meat shoes.

2) The Egg

To launch her “Born This Way” album and single, Lady Gaga took the birth concept to her clothing. She arrived at the Grammys incubating inside a giant egg. This one might not be so easy for you to pull off for Halloween, but it’s worth a shot!

There are usually a number of egg Halloween costumes available to buy readymade at this time of year, but unfortunately most of them are in the form of a fried egg or “deviled” egg. To make a more round egg shape is going to take some extra effort, but it is possible!

One idea is to use a hula hoop and fabric to help achieve the round shape of the egg around you. On your head, you can wear the famous Lady Gaga blonde wig and makeup to replicate the look from the Grammys.

3) The “Unusual” Nun

The last idea on the list is to go in a version of Lady Gaga’s own unique nun-like outfit. This is pretty controversial, so wear it if you dare!

There are actually two versions of the Lady Gaga nun costume. The first involved a white nun’s habit teamed with a see-through rubber outfit (with tape to hide her nipples) and the famous monster claw of the Monster Ball.

The second outfit was, thankfully, a little more conservative. Gaga wore a black version of the habit along with a white dress shaped into a circle (if you’re not sure what this means, there are plenty of photographs of this outfit online). Both costumes are a fun idea for Halloween if you’ve got the guts!

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Green Hornet Halloween Costume

Green Hornet Halloween Costume Guide

Fancy fighting crime this Halloween? If so, why not go as the Green Hornet? He was last featured in the 2011 movie of the same name, and is sure to be a popular theme for Halloween this year.

Britt Reid – The Green Hornet

By day he’s a newspaper publisher, but by night he becomes the crime-fighting “Green Hornet”. If you want to dress as this main character for Halloween this year, then there are a few key elements for your costume:

* The eye mask: This green eye mask is the most important element of the Green Hornet’s costume. It hides his true identity so that he can go on fighting crime unhindered.
* The hat: The Green Hornet is always with his hat – it must be the reporter inside of him that draws him to this accessory.
* The clothing: The clothing is actually pretty simple: all you’ll need to do is pair the above accessories with a suit and long black coat.


Just like the Green Hornet, Kato uses his daily uniform as part of his costume. A chauffeur by day, you’ll find Kato fighting crime at night in his chauffeurÂ’s hat, smart suit and the all important black eye mask to hide his identity.

Green Hornet Costumes For Women

Even though the main characters may be men, women can take advantage of this costume theme too! The fact that the distinguishing feature of the characters is their eye mask means it’s easy to match this with women. You can simply change your outfit to include a skirt or dress, or stick with the original suit if you prefer.

Officially Licensed Green Hornet Costumes

There are a number of officially green licensed costumes available to buy to help you look just like the characters from the movies. They all come with the suit tops, mask and hat, but don’t include the pants or shoes.

There are even officially licensed Green Hornet and Kato costumes out there for women if you prefer to go down that route. The former comes with a mini green dress, green hat and long green gloves, and the latter plays on the chauffeur theme with a sexy little black dress, cap and mask.

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