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Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

Edward Scissorhands is the story of an uncommonly gentle young man, who happens to have scissors for hands. ┬áHe falls in love with a beautiful adolescent girl but is unable to overcome his “handi-cap”.

Since it’s release in 1990, the Edward Scissorhands Costume has been a perennial favorite.

Image Source: FanPop

This year is no different. The Edward Scissorhands Costume is sure to turn up at halloween parties everywhere.

Check out these costume ideas below.

Popular Halloween Costumes and Accessories 2016

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Thor The Dark World Costume

The movie Thor, released in 2011 and starring super hunk Chris Hemsworth created a new look and a new Thor The Dark World Costume that is perfect for this Halloween!

Thor The Dark World Costume Movie Trailer

There are a number of characters in this film and some fantastic new halloween costume ideas that you can take from the movie.

Check out some ideas below:

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Royal Wedding Halloween Costume

Royal Family And Royal Wedding Halloween Costume Ideas

With the Royal Wedding of April 2011, and the huge success of the King’s Speech movie, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to see quite a few Royal Family themed costumes around this Halloween. Thankfully, under this umbrella there are a wide range of Halloween costume ideas for you to choose from.

Will And Kate Halloween Costumes

If you’re a fan of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and want a costume idea for both you and your partner, then why not go as Will and Kate? The most instantly recognizable outfit idea will be to go as them on their wedding day – Kate in her beautiful lace wedding dress, and Will in his red uniform.

Will’s Uniform – To get this costume right, you’ll need a red jacket and black pants. To recreate that royal atmosphere, add some gold piping to the jacket, along with the medallion and a blue slash. The good news is that Halloween stores are even stocking replicas of Will’s uniform to make it at easy as possible to choose this as your Halloween costume this year.

Kate’s Wedding Dress – Nobody can forget the way Kate looked as she stepped out in front of the crowd in “that” dress. Its most notable feature is the lace over the top and arms, as well as the royal tiara. You could choose any wedding dress and alter it to suit, or you could buy one of the readymade Kate wedding dresses that are starting to crop up in stores.

Other Royal Family Halloween Costume Ideas

If you look in any Halloween store you’ll see plenty of king, queen, prince and princess outfits. You can often make these yourself by customizing old suits and dresses, and adding accessories such as hats, gloves, jewelry and crowns!

You might want to model your royal family costumes on the royal family of today – the good news is that there are usually plenty of masks available for the Queen, Prince Charles and so on. Or you could go all out and dress as a royal character of the past. Queen Elizabeth is a fun choice, with her ornate dresses and red hair, or you could go as larger-than-life Henry VIII.

Why not take it one step further and dress like a dead royal family member? You can easily turn any historical character into a zombie with the addition of some makeup for the face, torn, dirty clothing and some fake blood.

Whatever you do, make sure you pick out a costume that’s fitting of a king or queen!

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Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

3 Shocking Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

Year after year, Lady Gaga always provides us with a heap of inspiration for fun and unusual Halloween costumes! 2011 was no exception.

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Here are three of the most memorable outfits for you to choose from.

1) The Meat Dress

The meat dress may have been famously worn by Gaga last year, but it’ll still be a big hit at Halloween costume parties in 2011. Unfortunately, it really isn’t easy or hygienic to wear the real thing, but there are ways to go about creating your own fake meat.

The best idea is to get hold of various meat-colored fabrics. Try getting a few shades of pink or red, and piecing strips together over a basic undergarment. Lady Gaga’s dress was wrapped around her and longer at the sides than the front and back. She finished off the outfit with a meat headpiece and meat shoes.

2) The Egg

To launch her “Born This Way” album and single, Lady Gaga took the birth concept to her clothing. She arrived at the Grammys incubating inside a giant egg. This one might not be so easy for you to pull off for Halloween, but it’s worth a shot!

There are usually a number of egg Halloween costumes available to buy readymade at this time of year, but unfortunately most of them are in the form of a fried egg or “deviled” egg. To make a more round egg shape is going to take some extra effort, but it is possible!

One idea is to use a hula hoop and fabric to help achieve the round shape of the egg around you. On your head, you can wear the famous Lady Gaga blonde wig and makeup to replicate the look from the Grammys.

3) The “Unusual” Nun

The last idea on the list is to go in a version of Lady Gaga’s own unique nun-like outfit. This is pretty controversial, so wear it if you dare!

There are actually two versions of the Lady Gaga nun costume. The first involved a white nun’s habit teamed with a see-through rubber outfit (with tape to hide her nipples) and the famous monster claw of the Monster Ball.

The second outfit was, thankfully, a little more conservative. Gaga wore a black version of the habit along with a white dress shaped into a circle (if you’re not sure what this means, there are plenty of photographs of this outfit online). Both costumes are a fun idea for Halloween if you’ve got the guts!

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Kung Fu Panda Halloween Costume Ideas

Kung Fu Panda Costumes: A Fun Halloween Theme For Adults And Kids

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Ever since the first Kung Fu Panda movie came out in 2008, it warmed the hearts of kids and adults alike. It’s full of fun and quirky characters, which makes for a great Halloween theme no matter what your age! Here are a few ideas if you’re thinking of attempting a Kung Fu Panda themed costume this Halloween.

Po The Panda Costumes

To get the panda look right, there are a number of different options. The first is to look around a number of Halloween stores and see if you can find a standard panda Halloween outfit. As we know, the panda in the movie is on the larger side, so you’ll want to stuff this costume with pillows if possible. To complete the look, use makeup to create the panda look on your face, and wear some short yellow pants over the top of the costume.

There are also officially licensed costume accessories available to make the Kung Fu Panda theme easier. The mask is a good place to start, even if you don’t want to buy anything else, as this helps to recreate Po’s cheeky look from the movie. The full officially licensed Po panda costume comes in child and infant sizes.

Other Kung Fu Panda Costume Ideas

Master Shifu: Master Shifu is the red panda, and trainer of the Furious Five. To get this look right, you’ll need to get your hands on a brown kung fu robe and some very pointy and fluffy ears.

Master Oogway: This is the wise tortoise of the movie, so any Oogway costume is going to require you to dress as a tortoise who always carries his long stick with him.

Monkey Tigress: To put together a Tigress Halloween costume, you’ll need a tiger suit as the base. Wear a chinese style top and some kung fu pants over the top.

Master Monkey: This is a Gee’s Golden Langur, meaning a monkey with golden fur, a black face and a very long tail. The monkey in the movie wears cropped brown pants.

Master Mantis: This would be a fun costume for Halloween if you dare to even attempt it! It isn’t easy to get yourself looking like a mantis – you’ll need to wear all green clothing, add some extra stick legs, and possibly even a mask to achieve this look.

Thankfully, Dreamworks have released a number of officially licensed costume masks to help get these Kung Fu Panda Halloween costumes right – as long as you can put together the body of the costume.

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Burlesque Halloween Costume Ideas

Burlesque Movie Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’ve seen the hit movie starring Cher and Christina Aguilera then you were probably just as impressed by the costumes as you were with the performances. If you think you’re daring enough to use this theme for Halloween, then here are some exciting ideas to choose from.

Getting The Burlesque Outfit Right

When you think of burlesque, you immediately think of sexy. However, burlesque was just as much about the comedy and the entertainment as it was about the revealing outfits. To get the burlesque look right, you need to have the right attitude – you want to have some fun with this!

The outfits in the Burlesque movie itself generally conform to the traditional idea of this style of costume. Moulin Rouge is another movie that comes to mind when you imagine what was worn – usually dark colors, layers, corsets and ruffles.

When you wear this style of dress, it’s important to get into character. Yes, the costumes are revealing, but you’ve got enough confidence and beauty to carry them off with style!

Thankfully, burlesque has always been a popular theme for Halloween costumes, meaning there are a huge range of readymade outfits to choose from. If you don’t want to go down that route, however, choose a silky corset from a lingerie store and combine that with a ruffled skirt, big hair and some accessories.

Key Burlesque Accessories

As well as the main outfit itself, any Burlesque movie Halloween costume is going to need to make use of key accessories to complete the look…

* Hosiery: Stockings were always an important part of any burlesque outfit, usually attached using garters. You can also use a variety of different tights, including fishnets, sheer designs, or those featuring lines and stripes. As long as it helps shape the legs and add interest to your outfit, it’s in!

* Gloves: Due to the fact that burlesque outfits were usually an exaggeration of clothing worn in Victorian times, costumes often make use of long gloves that extend far up the arm, past the elbows. The gloves also came to form an important part of the striptease.

* Jewelry: You can choose to wear just about any jewelry you want with your burlesque Halloween costume. Necklaces were popular for covering the open neckline, as were hairpieces or dazzling earrings. Anything that’s bold and eye-catching is a good addition to your outfit!

In short, any Halloween costume inspired by the Burlesque movie is a costume to have fun with! Don’t be afraid to spend a few hours pampering yourself and doing your hair and makeup before heading out for the evening as a burlesque performer.

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