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Funny Mens Halloween Costume

Funny Men’s Halloween Costume

There’s an eerie chill in the air. Witches and goblins galore roam the streets. There’s a low, keening wail that sends shivers through even the most stalwart of us. On this one night of the year when the spookiest of the spooky come out by the hundreds, the tricks can be as plentiful as the treats.

But who says that Halloween has to be about the fright? There can be lighthearted laughter, too – and you would fit right in by selecting one of the funny men’s Halloween costume ideas listed below.

Nothing could be as sunshine bright as the Man in the Yellow Hat costume. You’ll get everything needed to be the laugh of the party. If you’re going with someone else, get a curious monkey costume to go along with yours.

You can elicit laugher and fade into the background by getting the Where’s Waldo costume. In this shirt, hat and glasses, you’ll certainly ‘blend’ right in. Remember the comic strip Spy vs. Spy? Well now you can get either the black or the white costume and join in on the antics of MAD’s most popular spies.

Another funny men’s Halloween costume choice includes the Super Mario Bros Nintendo costume, which is the jumpsuit with the inflatable belly, the mustache, gloves and hat. For a duo idea, have your friend or partner dress as Luigi.

How about the Cat in the Hat? Dr. Seuss’s stories were always good for a laugh or two and now you can bring that laughter on Halloween night by dressing in the Cat in the Hat Thing 1 costume.

The bright red fleece jumpsuit is perfect for creating a lighter bit of mayhem on the spooky night. Don’t forget if you’re looking for a friend’s costume, to suggest the Thing 2.

Animal costumes can be quite funny and the Comfy Flying Squirrel costume is sure to elicit some laughter. This cozy jumpsuit and hood only needs some large acorns for adornment for you to enjoy the festivities.

You’ll get a lot of crazy laughter by dressing in the men’s Straight Jacket costume – which, by the way, would make a great Hannibal Lector costume, too. Have your friend or loved one dress in a doctor’s coat and tag along!

Funny men’s Halloween costume ideas can also include fruit – and there’s a funny banana just waiting to be picked. This is a lightweight costume that would mingle well with a few apples and oranges!

Another funny costume is one of the favorites among the Muppets – the Gonzo costume. This bug-eyed character with the hooked nose is bound to bring both applause and laughter. For a group costume outing, have your friends dress as other members of the Muppets gang.

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