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Green Lantern Halloween Costume

A Green Lantern Costume Guide For Halloween

There are plenty of fun, new superhero costume themes to choose from this Halloween, and the Green Lantern is one of them. This 2011 movie has provided costume inspiration for men, women and children. Here’s a guide to what you need to know to get your outfit right.

The Green Lantern

Like many other superheroes, the Green Lantern’s costume is a tight jumpsuit with a number of features that let everyone know which superhero he is (without revealing his true identity, of course)!

Hal Jordan is the movie character chosen to become the newest Green Lantern successor on Earth. To match his name, the costume is green all over and features a light-up chest piece. To complete the look you’ll want to get hold of a green eye mask.

If you buy the Deluxe version of the officially licensed costume then you’ll be able to light yourself up! Since light is so important to the Green Lantern, this is an element of your costume that’ll impress everyone at that Halloween party!

Key Costume Accessories

If you’re going to be the Green Lantern then you’re also going to need these key accessories to give you your superpowers this Halloween…

The Power Ring – This ring has been called “the most powerful weapon in the universe”, and no Green Lantern Halloween costume would be complete without it! When the ring is used, you’ll often see green lines of light flowing from it. You may not be able to recreate these beams of light in your costume, but you can get your hands on a ring that really lights up if you buy the officially licensed costume accessory.

The Power Lantern – This accessory works in combination with the ring to help the Green Lantern summon a number of important powers. You’re going to need this accessory to keep your Power Ring charged up to full capacity.


For another costume idea, you could go as Tomar-Re, the Green Lantern’s mentor. This costume consists of the classic Green Lantern body suit, so it’s really just the face that needs to change. Tomar-Re has a very distinctive look, so you’ll probably want to buy the official mask to transform into this memorable character.


Next, there’s Kilowog. Again, he has a very distinctive non-human face, so you’ll want to get your hands on the officially licensed Kilowog mask to transform into the Green Lantern’s trainer.

Female Green Lantern Costume Ideas

Although the main characters in the Green Lantern movie and comic books may be male, there’s no reason why women can’t choose this costume theme too. There are officially licensed Green Lantern costumes available to buy for women, using the same green jumpsuit, mask and ring. Or you can opt for the sexy version, making use of a short green skirt in place of the jumpsuit.

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