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Green Hornet Halloween Costume

Green Hornet Halloween Costume Guide

Fancy fighting crime this Halloween? If so, why not go as the Green Hornet? He was last featured in the 2011 movie of the same name, and is sure to be a popular theme for Halloween this year.

Britt Reid – The Green Hornet

By day he’s a newspaper publisher, but by night he becomes the crime-fighting “Green Hornet”. If you want to dress as this main character for Halloween this year, then there are a few key elements for your costume:

* The eye mask: This green eye mask is the most important element of the Green Hornet’s costume. It hides his true identity so that he can go on fighting crime unhindered.
* The hat: The Green Hornet is always with his hat – it must be the reporter inside of him that draws him to this accessory.
* The clothing: The clothing is actually pretty simple: all you’ll need to do is pair the above accessories with a suit and long black coat.


Just like the Green Hornet, Kato uses his daily uniform as part of his costume. A chauffeur by day, you’ll find Kato fighting crime at night in his chauffeurÂ’s hat, smart suit and the all important black eye mask to hide his identity.

Green Hornet Costumes For Women

Even though the main characters may be men, women can take advantage of this costume theme too! The fact that the distinguishing feature of the characters is their eye mask means it’s easy to match this with women. You can simply change your outfit to include a skirt or dress, or stick with the original suit if you prefer.

Officially Licensed Green Hornet Costumes

There are a number of officially green licensed costumes available to buy to help you look just like the characters from the movies. They all come with the suit tops, mask and hat, but don’t include the pants or shoes.

There are even officially licensed Green Hornet and Kato costumes out there for women if you prefer to go down that route. The former comes with a mini green dress, green hat and long green gloves, and the latter plays on the chauffeur theme with a sexy little black dress, cap and mask.

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