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Pet Halloween Costumes How To Make Sure They’re Safe

Pet Halloween Costumes: How To Make Sure They’re Safe

Many of us have fun dressing up our furry friends in pet Halloween costumes each year. But it’s important to consider the safety aspects of doing so. If you’re going to dress up your dog or cat, have a look at these safety issues before you do it.

Never Leave A Pet Alone With A Costume

If you’re going to buy pet Halloween costumes this year, make sure you never leave your pet alone while they’re dressed up. There are a number of reasons for this. For a start, they may decide they don’t like the costume and frantically try to get it off. If they can’t, they could get distressed.

Secondly, some pets like to chew things – especially things they’re trying to get off! If they chew and ingest the costume then they could end up very sick. This is why it’s so crucial you keep an eye on them at Halloween.

Do They Really Want To Dress Up?

Ultimately, you have to make sure your pet is happy. Some pets just hate to have things on them, plain and simple, and will do their best to get rid of any clothing you put them in. If this sounds like your pet then you may just need to give in. It’s no use torturing them just for a bit of entertainment at Halloween!

Other Halloween Safety Tips To Consider

It’s always best to try the costume out ahead of time to make sure it’s right for your pet. Get it dressed up and take it for a walk around the garden, watching the way it moves as you do. If its movements are restricted then you may need to alter the costume or forget about it altogether. And remember, if the costume has tight elastic then it can cause rubbing or sores that you may not notice under your pet’s hair. Be careful to check for hidden problems like this.

You also need to consider the logistics of taking your dog out with you on Halloween. There are going to be lots of other people and dogs around you. Is your dog going to be safe around kids, or is it going to get overly excited or scared?

Lastly, make sure your dog can clearly be seen in the dark, using reflective collars or strips on the costume, and that it has an ID tag in case it gets lost while you’re out. And make sure that it doesn’t eat any candy – this can be toxic for dogs!


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