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Glee Halloween Costume Ideas

Glee Costume Ideas For Halloween

Glee is one of the most popular shows on television right now, and there are plenty of costume options for any Glee fan who wants to use this as a Halloween theme.


The cheerleader outfits from Glee are instantly recognizable, and there are more than a few characters to choose from.

The basic cheerleader outfit consists of the red and white uniform. You can buy officially licensed costumes that come ready with the WMHS stitched onto the front of the outfit, or you can put it together yourself with a more generic cheerleader outfit you’ve found in a store somewhere. To complete the look, add white sneakers and cheerleader pom poms.

Now it’s time to choose which specific character you want to be. If you want to go as airhead Brittany S. Pierce then make sure you get your hands on a blond wig, or a dark wig if you’d rather go as Santana Lopez. Another fun option is to stuff your outfit so it looks like you’re the pregnant head cheerleader Quinn Fabray.

Sue Sylvester

Just about everyone loves the character of Sue Sylvester, and it’s as much fun acting like her as it is to wear her clothes! She isn’t one to mess around and will do anything to win.

For this costume you’ll need the classic red tracksuit. Again this is available in an officially licensed costume, complete with the Glee logo and blonde wig, though it shouldn’t be too hard to make your own if you can find a tracksuit in the right color.

Glee Footballer Costume

The perfect match for the Glee cheerleader is the footballer – great as a couples costume or even if you’re going to a party alone. This costume consists of the red jacket bearing the important “M” logo. Again, buy the licensed costume to make things as easy as possible, and pair it with a mohawk wig to instantly transform yourself into Noah “Puck” Puckerman.

Other Glee Costume Ideas

Of course, you may want to go as a specific character, rather than simply a member of the football team or cheerleading squad. One choice would be Will Schuester – director of Glee club. To pull this off you’ll simply need a shirt, tie, vest and a curly blonde wig.

Or perhaps you’re a woman who’d like to go as Rachel? You’ll need a long brown wig and a “geek chic” outfit to match. This might mean knee-high socks, a skirt and a plaid jumper. You could even carry around a microphone with you to complete the look.


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