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Captain America Halloween Costume

Captain America Costumes For Halloween: The Patriotic Superhero

Captain America is the latest comic book superhero to hit the big movie screen in the 2011 “Captain America: First Avenger” movie. As such, you can be sure to see this character everywhere this Halloween!

This is a fun costume theme both for men and women – it’s patriotic and super strong at the same time!

Steve Rogers is frustrated at not being able to fight for his country in World War II. He goes on to take part in an experiment that ends up boosting his strength to the maximum capacity capable of any human. Although Captain America doesn’t have “superpowers”, he does have amazing strength and the famous indestructible shield.

The Elements Of A Captain America Costume

Like any other superhero, Captain America has a very distinctive outfit that lets everyone know he’s arrived. Playing on his name, he makes use of all the colors of the American flag: red, white and blue, featuring both stars and stripes.

The indestructible shield – Captain America never goes out with his shield, which he uses as a weapon as well as a way of defending himself. This shield is circular in shape, with red and white stripes around the edges, and a white star on a blue background in the middle.

The helmet – Captain America wears a distinctive blue helmet with an “A” on the front, shaped around his head and eyes , but leaving the mouth uncovered.

Clothing – Captain America’s costume consists of a blue jumpsuit with a large star on the chest, and two smaller stars on the side of each of the shoulders.

Officially Licensed Captain America Halloween Costumes

If you want to go the easy route then there are a number of officially licensed Captain America Halloween costumes available to buy, both for adults and children. All of the official costumes look extremely convincing, and are instantly recognizable as this famous superhero.

There are also costumes for women as well as men, turning the costume theme into a dress and still featuring the famous Captain America shield.

Captain America really is a fun costume choice for Halloween, and it doesn’t have to be too difficult to put together thanks to the fact that it looks so distinctive. You could even take this theme one step further and just use it as inspiration for your own patriotic designs. As long as you can incorporate the three main colors, the stars and the stripes, you’ll be showing your loyalty to America!

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