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Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

3 Shocking Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

Year after year, Lady Gaga always provides us with a heap of inspiration for fun and unusual Halloween costumes! 2011 was no exception.

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Here are three of the most memorable outfits for you to choose from.

1) The Meat Dress

The meat dress may have been famously worn by Gaga last year, but it’ll still be a big hit at Halloween costume parties in 2011. Unfortunately, it really isn’t easy or hygienic to wear the real thing, but there are ways to go about creating your own fake meat.

The best idea is to get hold of various meat-colored fabrics. Try getting a few shades of pink or red, and piecing strips together over a basic undergarment. Lady Gaga’s dress was wrapped around her and longer at the sides than the front and back. She finished off the outfit with a meat headpiece and meat shoes.

2) The Egg

To launch her “Born This Way” album and single, Lady Gaga took the birth concept to her clothing. She arrived at the Grammys incubating inside a giant egg. This one might not be so easy for you to pull off for Halloween, but it’s worth a shot!

There are usually a number of egg Halloween costumes available to buy readymade at this time of year, but unfortunately most of them are in the form of a fried egg or “deviled” egg. To make a more round egg shape is going to take some extra effort, but it is possible!

One idea is to use a hula hoop and fabric to help achieve the round shape of the egg around you. On your head, you can wear the famous Lady Gaga blonde wig and makeup to replicate the look from the Grammys.

3) The “Unusual” Nun

The last idea on the list is to go in a version of Lady Gaga’s own unique nun-like outfit. This is pretty controversial, so wear it if you dare!

There are actually two versions of the Lady Gaga nun costume. The first involved a white nun’s habit teamed with a see-through rubber outfit (with tape to hide her nipples) and the famous monster claw of the Monster Ball.

The second outfit was, thankfully, a little more conservative. Gaga wore a black version of the habit along with a white dress shaped into a circle (if you’re not sure what this means, there are plenty of photographs of this outfit online). Both costumes are a fun idea for Halloween if you’ve got the guts!

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