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5 Unique Ideas For Halloween Table Decorations

5 Unique Ideas For Halloween Table Decorations

Coming up with Halloween table decorations is always great fun. Thankfully it’s easy to create a spooky atmosphere at this time of year. These suggestions should help get you going, and they’re all perfect for the whole family to put together.

1) Pumpkin

You knew that pumpkin would be on this list somewhere, didn’t you? But there are many ways to display your pumpkin proudly, besides a basic carving. You could decorate the base of the pumpkin with fall leaves, use the pumpkin as a vase for a big display of flowers/ leaves, or even spray the pumpkin black to create a Halloween-themed pumpkin and spider web display.

2) Body Parts

These are the kind of Halloween table decorations that kids just love to help you make! Get yourself some Halloween eyeballs and dot them around the table, or go one step further and create your own Halloween specimen jars. You and your kids can work together to find a range of vegetables to represent different body parts.

3) A Witches Hat

This is another hugely popular idea for a Halloween centerpiece, and it isn’t difficult to see why! This can be as simple as buying a cheap witches hat from a Halloween costume store and decorating it with spiders, bats and any other Halloween-themed items. If you were feeling adventurous, you could make a huge Halloween witch hat cake to place in the middle of the table.

4) Candles

Get creative with some candles to create the perfect atmosphere with your Halloween table decorations. The gothic theme works best for this, so stick to black candlestick holders and long, thin candlesticks. You can use this as a centerpiece, and place smaller candles all around the table. Turn the lights off to create the spooky atmosphere you want at a Halloween party. Remember to be careful about where you place any real candles, especially if they’re near flammable material or could easily be knocked over.

5) Tablecloths

No matter which Halloween table decorations you ultimately choose, you should buy a themed tablecloth as the backdrop of your display. The simplest option is to buy a plain black cloth and decorate it with what goes on the table. Some tablecloths are already decorated with bats, skulls and other Halloween imagery.

6) Skulls

Around Halloween it’s easy to find skulls available to buy in stores. Some of them are suitable for holding a tea light candle, adding to the atmosphere. Or you could use them as candy jars to gross people out every time they want to reach for a treat!

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5 Ideas For EyeCatching Halloween Window Decorations

5 Ideas For Eye-Catching Halloween Window Decorations

There are many ways to decorate your home for Halloween. If you want people on the outside to see you’ve made an effort then Halloween window decorations are perfect for doing just that. Here are five ideas to inspire you.

Spiders And Bats

Some of the simplest and most popular decorations come in the form of hanging spiders and bats. These can be made at home using cardboard and/ or pipe cleaners, and hung down the glass using pieces of string. They may be simple, but they help create the atmosphere for anyone passing by and looking at your home.


You can’t have spiders without cobwebs! There are plenty of cobweb decorations available to buy in store, that’ll stretch all across the surface of your windows. If you want to make your own then you can cut shapes out of cardboard or create intricate spiderweb patterns using string. You can also use old cotton balls you may have lying around – just quickly tear them up and add them to your current window display.

Autumn Window Decorations

Some people go with the autumn theme for their Halloween window decorations. This means leaves, dried flowers, and vegetables like pumpkins. One idea is to go foraging and create your own Halloween garlands for the window. Or you could buy false leaves if you want to keep using them again and again, year after year. The beauty of autumn decorations is that you can keep them up for longer even after Halloween is finished.

Halloween Curtains

Some people go as far as to put up Halloween themed curtains at this time of the year. You’ll find all sorts of decorated curtains available to buy in store or online, though if you’re going for an overall spooky theme in the home then you may choose simple gothic velvet to match the rest of your Halloween d├ęcor. Although curtains cost more than other Halloween decorations, they’re cost effective if you plan on using them year after year.

Life-Sized Halloween Dummies

If you want to go one step further than everyone else then why not decorate your windows with life-sized Halloween dummies? That could mean a mummy staring out at passersby, a zombie trying to escape from your home, or even the model of a skeleton staring out of your window. These create an excellent display for those outside of your home.

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How To Make Halloween Decorations From Recycled Materials

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How To Make Halloween Decorations From Recycled Materials

If there was ever a time to get creative, Halloween is it! There’s plenty of opportunity to make Halloween decorations from things you already own. This isn’t just a good way to save money and help the environment. It’s also a fantastic way to force yourself to get creative and have some fun in the process!

Use Up Those Old Egg Cartons

Everyone has egg cartons lying around (if you don’t, start saving them up now). They’re a firm favorite in the world of homemade decorations, and they’re very useful if you’re going to make Halloween decorations too. One idea is to cut it up into individual eggcups. Paint each one black and attach black pipe cleaners and googly eyes to create your own Halloween spiders.

Or you can use the egg cartons to create bats. Instead of cutting each eggcup individually, use a row of three for the bat. The middle cup forms its body, the outer cups are its wings (you can trim them to make them more wing-like). Again this is very simple and involves some black paint and stick on eyes!

The third idea for your old egg cartons is to make Halloween pumpkins. This involves cutting each cup out, and sticking two together so that they form a circle shape. Now you can decorate it with paint to look like an orange Halloween pumpkin.

Used Plastic Bags

Just about all of us have used plastic bags lying around the home. Put these to good use before throwing them out by creating some unique Halloween ghosts from them. As long as the bags are plain, or have enough of a plain area to make use of, your kids can decorate them with markers and cut them into ghostly shapes. These make great decorations for your Halloween party.

Old Tin Cans

Save up a few tin cans from your food as Halloween approaches and you can use them to make Halloween decorations with the kids. They can cover them in felt or colored paper and create scary faces for you to place around the home.

Using Ordinary Items In Creative Ways

This last tip isn’t a single idea, more a frame of mind you’ll want to get in if you want to make Halloween decorations out of recycled materials. Start collecting bottle tops, old buttons, colorful product wrappings, and anything else you think you could use. Start to use these in place of traditional craft items to put together collages, or to make creative displays of human figures. You’d be surprised at how creative you and your kids can be if you challenge yourselves to come up with something exciting from a few old items that you’d normally throw out!

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