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Amazing Beating Heart Halloween Costume using iPhone

Technology has given us more ways to make amazing halloween costumes.  All it takes is a little ingenuity and an iPhone app and you’ve got a costume that will wow anyone who sees you.

I especially like the eyeball!

Check out some of these ideas below.

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5 Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

5 Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

Want to make sure you don’t look like everyone else this Halloween? Got a bit more time on your hands to come up with something unforgettable? Then here are 5 creative Halloween costumes for women that you can try.

1) Mermaid

The beauty of mermaid costumes is that they can be as simple or as detailed as you require. The best mermaid costumes involve an intricate tail that goes right down to the floor. Some women create a long tail with holes for their feet, that then flicks up at the end. Add to this creative look with blue and green ribbons in your hair (like seaweed), and a shell bikini top.

2) Mother Nature

Mother Nature may be a popular Halloween costume theme, but there are many ways to go about putting it together. The most creative Halloween costumes for women tend to go into more detail. You might choose to paint a giant ball around you as the Earth and use this as your costume, or create a detailed gown full of natural materials such as leaves, flowers, fruit and other natural imagery.

3) Blow Up Doll

Warning – this idea is strictly for adult parties only! For an extra creative Halloween costume for women, try dressing up as a classic blow up doll. To do so, you’re going to need to buy a skin-colored body suit, with holes in all the right places (make sure you’re wearing something underneath!) You should even cover your head, with drawn on red lips and wide eyes for the complete love doll look.

4) Body Paint Costumes

Body paint can be used in so many ways to create the most unique Halloween costumes for both men and women. It’ll take a bit of practice, but why not try creating the costume of your choice completely out of body paint? Do it right and people won’t even notice at first that it isn’t real – this is a great way to shock and surprise people.

5) Split Personality

Lastly, split personality themes always make for some creative Halloween costumes for women. This means dressing half as you in one style, and the other half another. For example, one could be your good side and one could be your evil side, or one could be a superhero in their day to day “normal” wear, one can be their superhero side.

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