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Womens Gangster Halloween Costume

Women’s Gangster Halloween Costume

Back in the day of female gangsters, they ushered in a lifestyle for women made up of fancy silks, pinstriped pantsuits, flashy diamonds and big guns. They weren’t afraid to be both feminine and cross the moral line of good versus bad.

And even though these women were public enemies, they had their own code of loyalty. Today, the image those women projected is seen as one of glamour as well as sex appeal. That’s the reason behind the appeal of the women’s gangster Hallowen costume. It has that same pizzazz.

It was a time of fat cigars, stacks of money, plenty of liquor and the suits! You can get that same pinstriped pantsuit look in one gangster costume and you can also go with something that gives off a Mafia gangster appearance – the Women’s Mafia Mama costume.

In the feminine version of the pantsuit, this costume brings the gangster style to life. The rakish hat also comes with the outfit. You can add shoes of your own or purchase the black and white gangster pumps.

Another women’s gangster Halloween costume is the Moll Suit costume with the double-breasted jacket, hip hugger pants and tie. You can tell the action is just about ready to start. This outfit is red with the wider pinstripes, just perfect for that look female gangsters have – the taking care of business look.

You don’t have to stick with the pantsuits if you like that striped look though. For a shorter, more modern gangster costume, you could go with the Fun World women’s gangster costume. This thigh length dress in a mixture of materials is sure to set the stage for a little Halloween public enemy finger pointing. Mischief is bound to follow.

High on the list is the always in demand Original Gangster Gun Moll Costume. Just like something Bonnie would wear on the run with Clyde, this double breasted jacket and skirt wouldn’t have won any points from the law back in time, but today, it’ll be a success wherever you wear it. Be sure and get the broad white tie made famous by gangster men of old and top that off with a fedora. Capone himself never looked as tough.

For a women’s gangster Halloween costume that’s not afraid to be bad or show a little skin, then check out the Sexywear Tommy Guns Gangster costume. The short skirt is a law – stopping double glance and the jacket with the white cuffs add that bad to the bone quality. The white corset goes to show that you’re a gangster gal who knows her style and just the right way to wear it.

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Mens Cowboy Halloween Costume

Men’s Cowboy Halloween Costume

Life on the range was as ruggedly beautiful – sparkling lakes, craggy mountains and glorious sunsets as it was tough – herding cattle, mending fences and more. But cowboys are an iconic part of America – the reason behind what makes this country so great – they’re the backbone of the Old West.

And the men’s cowboy Halloween costume is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween. There are many different styles and brands to choose from (just as there were different types of cowboys – from rough and ready to gentleman cowboys).

Let’s take a look at one of the top sellers – the Deluxe Rawhide Renegade Cowboy costume. This costume has a thigh length duster jacket in dark brown, a tan suede vest, and a detailed faux leather belt – and it comes with a brown cowboy hat and the red bandana made famous by all those long ago cowboys.

Pair all of this with a pair of worn blue jeans and scuffed cowboy boots and you’ll be the party’s best costume winner hands down! Don’t forget to add a gun holster and wear that six-shooter low on your hip for a rugged look.

Now if you’re looking for a men’s cowboy Halloween costume, but you happen to be both taller and larger than the average man, you’re still in luck. The Duster Style Cowboy Men’s Big and Tall Halloween Costume is another top seller and it’s made to fit men who have more height and weight. You can conquer the Wild West or liven up any Halloween get together in this long brown duster, vest and matching cowboy hat.

The Wild, Wild West wouldn’t have a place in history without the cowboy gunslingers and you can even find costumes to wear as a gunslinger. The Men’s Gunfighter costume comes with the black, knee length duster, double breasted vest, the hat and the holsters too. Just don’t forget your guns for a little trick instead of a treat on Halloween night.

The West wouldn’t be the same without it’s cowboy outlaws either – those bad boys of the western frontier that were both feared and revered by men, women and children. That daring outlaw appeal is brought to life in a special Halloween costume.

The Gun Slinger Cowboy Outlaw costume has the long brown duster, the lighter colored vest, the bright red bandana and of course the hat. But if you prefer to stay on the side of the good guys when looking for a men’s cowboy Halloween costume, you can wear the Fringed Cowboy costume. This two piece fringed chaps and vest outfit looks good with a Stetson, a pistol and a white, long sleeved shirt. Ride ‘em cowboy!

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Baby Monkey Costume

Baby Monkey Costume

If you’ve seen one little goblin, you’ve seen them all. So many costumes lately look exactly like the next one. Maybe you’re looking for something different. You don’t want anything scary – you want something without a face mask, something cuddly and plush that shows what a sweet little one you have.

If that sounds like you, then you’d delight in a costume that was cute but serviceable too. Take a look at the Lil Characters Infant Monkey costume in a tan and brown color. This baby monkey costume is just what you’re seeking.

This is a zippered bodysuit that’s lined (meaning comfort for baby when you’re out trick or treating) and it has the quick to get to snap leg closures. The curved brown tail is whimsical and is sure to bring out a laugh in all who see it.

The little booties have the skid resistant bottoms (skid resistant for babies are always a good idea) and are separated by four little monkey toes. The hood with the swirled ears sits snug against baby’s face without being intrusive, so it won’t annoy him when you’re out and about. All in all this is a cute costume at a great price.

Next in the baby monkey costume outfits is the Monkey See, Monkey Do costume. This romper is a golden brown with a round yellow belly. The twirling tail is attached to the costume.

The open banana on top of the hood is a fun and laughable addition to the outfit. This would be perfect as baby’s first Halloween costume. It has non-skid soles as well. To accessorize, have your baby hold a plastic banana when he goes out and just watch his treat bag fill up the fastest!

Do you recall reading about everyone’s favorite storybook monkey – the one always in trouble – Curious George? How much fun it was to watch the beloved monkey’s antics with the man in the yellow hat!

Bringing back a bit of yesteryear is the Curious George Costume for babies by Rubie’s Costume Co. This brown romper is easy to get on, so a squirming little one waiting to get the adventures started won’t make changing time a problem. Since this romper has non skid soles, even his quick get away won’t be a problem – for him at least!

Last but not least, the baby monkey costume that’s cute and cuddly, too is the Micro Fiber Plush Monkey Costume. This jumpsuit has floppy rounded ears, an attached tail and footsies to keep the little one’s feet snug and dry no matter what the weather is doing outside.
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Let’s Get Ready For Halloween Today!

Halloween is one holiday that most children really enjoy, but too many parents get stressed out over it. Some simple planning though will help you get ready for it instead of dreading it. Costumes are always an issue for children and they should have some say in what they get to wear. Put a dollar amount limit on it if they want to have a costume purchased instead of made.

All costumes should be tried on so you know they are going to be a good fit for your children. Too many accidents happen due to eye holes not lining up correctly and them tripping over the bottom of it. Take care of these issues before Halloween so that they can just slip it on that night and go out.

Make sure you explain Halloween safety to your children before the big night. This way they will pay attention because they won’t be overly excited. Try it out during dinner the week of Halloween to ensure it is fresh in their minds. Explain they need to use sidewalks and never dart between cars to cross the street. This should only be done at the crosswalks. It is a good idea to give each child a flashlight or a glow stick so they are easier to notice. They also need to refrain from eating any candy that they get until an adult has carefully inspected it.

It is easy to serve up a fun and scary Halloween meal without too much effort. Since you know the little ghosts and witches will be eating plenty of candy in the days to come you can be proud to serve them something healthy as well. For just a couple of dollars you can purchase brain Jell-o molds. Mix up a meat loaf and let it sit over night in the refrigerator. These molds are made from plastic so you can’t bake in them but the design will become indented in the meat as it sits overnight.

Serve up plain white rice or even broccoli rice with the meatloaf on a plate as brains and maggots. Your children will really enjoy eating them and this doesn’t take very much effort to complete either. You can also make a delightful and delicious punch to serve with it. The night before fill up rubber gloves with water and tie the ends shut. Make sure you separate the fingers as you place them in the freezer.

In a punch bowl mix black cherry juice with a two liter of 7-Up. Place the hands into the mixture for icy hands that are very real looking. To make the punch even for Halloweenish, add some scoops of rainbow sherbet to it.

Getting ready for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming so have fun with it. This is a holiday that people of all ages can enjoy. Start making your plans for it today so that everyone can have a good time without worrying about last minute details.

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Halloween Costume Ideas – Looking for Something Different This Year?

Halloween costume ideas for groups of friends
New Halloween costume shopping is a fun experience, and the best place to look for your new costume is on the Web. There are many retailers to choose from, and you want to buy from a halloween costume store that has a good reputation and a large number of choices. The main advantage of purchasing a costume via the internet, is price and selection.

Local costume and novelty shops are a secondary way to pick up a halloween costume. They won’t have quite the selection as an internet retailer, but should have a good basic stock of costumes, masks, and props. You may feel more comfortable buying a costume locally, since it is easier to return than buying from the web.

Buying Your Costume Used

A used Halloween costume can be a great value, and if you are strapped for cash might be the way to go. If you develop a costume idea, and make a list of the items you need to complete your ensemble, you can probably find the pieces to create an entire costume with little effort. Good places to find used costumes are:

  • Thrift Store
  • Flea Market
  • Garage Sales
  • Friends or Relatives
  • Coworkers
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Online Auction Sites

Make sure to inspect the quality of the costume, and if you are buying it from the internet or an online auction, get as many detailed photos as possible, and try and get a money back guarantee. Used costumes are a great idea since you may only be wearing the costume one time.

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Renting a Costume

Costume rentals is another option you have when preparing for halloween. At the same place where you can buy a new costume locally, it is possible that they offer rentals.

Many times you have to put down a deposit, and the charge for renting the costume depends on how long you intend to have it, and how the time of season. During the halloween season, for example, you can expect to pay more for a costume than any other time of the year.

With the cheap prices of costumes on the internet, we recommend that you just buy one. You can always resell it later if you never use it again, or pass it on to friends and relatives. Renting a halloween costume is an option though, and we wanted to make you aware of it.

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Making Your Own Costume

If your a hobbyist, or good at arts and crafts, you may enjoy the satisfaction of creating your very own halloween costume from scratch. All it takes is some imagination, and a little bit of work to produce an original costume.

You may already have a costume in mind, but if not, here are some tips when making your own costume:

  • Develop an idea for the Halloween costume first, and then look around your house to see if you may have everything you need to make it
  • Make a list of materials that you need that have to be bought for the costume. This will save money by sticking to a budget and plan
  • When making kids Halloween costumes, make sure that they are safe for their age group, and make them visible at night
  • Try and be original, the whole point of making your own costume is to stand out and be different
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