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10 Of The Best Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

The best thing about Halloween is the chance it gives us to be someone different every year. Don’t keep reusing the same costumes year in year out. Instead, take a look at this list of 10 men’s Halloween costume ideas and choose something you’ve never done before.

1) Devil: The Devil is the ultimate image of Halloween. As long as you have a pitchfork, red cape and forked tail, there are many ways for you to represent this evil character in your Halloween costume.

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2) Vampire: There are a huge number of vampire outfits available to buy. These make use of the classic cape, fangs and a telling trail of blood running down the chin.

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3) Pirate: Pirates are hugely popular at Halloween, whether you choose to go as Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, or a more traditional pirate with a peg leg.

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4) Superheroes: There are a huge number of superhero outfits for you to choose from if you’re a man. A few suggestions include Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, the X Men and more.

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5) Skeleton: One of the most classic men’s Halloween costume ideas, the skeleton is the perfect way to represent the dead.

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6) Mummy: This is a fun costume idea for men and women, and not too hard to put together yourself if you have the patience to completely wrap yourself up in bandages.

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7) Serial Killer: There are plenty of famous serial killers to use for men’s Halloween costume ideas this year. The most popular at Halloween are usually the Scream killer, Jack the Ripper, Jason and the classic bloody surgeons and butchers!

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8) Movie Characters: If you want your Halloween costume to be different to everyone else then have a think through your favorite movies. Is there a character there with some distinguishing features you could dress as this Halloween? Some popular characters of today include the Joker from Batman, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Harry Potter and the Mad Hatter.

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9) Werewolf: Werewolves have taken off again thanks to movies like Twilight and shows such as True Blood. There are plenty of werewolf costumes available for you to wear, just make sure you get the perfect wolf mask to go with it.

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10) Alien: The theme of the unknown is popular every Halloween, and aliens always find their way out at this time of year. Whether you want to go as the scary Predator beasts, the Toy Story alien men, or as a classic bald-headed alien, this is a fun costume idea for men at Halloween.

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Plus Size Womens Halloween Costume

Plus Size Women’s Halloween Costume

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was considered plus size? No one would argue that the woman was beautiful and had a traffic stopping figure but because she didn’t fit society’s definition of slender, she was labeled plus size.

All that means is a woman has a few more curves! It’s an honor being grouped in the same category as Marilyn Monroe. But being more curvaceous in what feels like a toothpick world can make finding costumes that you like in the stores a little more difficult. But that’s why it’s time now to shop around for a plus size women’s Halloween costume.

And this article will give you plenty of ideas on what you can choose from. The D.C. Comics Wonder Woman plus size costume is great for those with more curves. You can bring this justice-seeking heroine to the spotlight on Halloween night. The costume has the red shirt/blue skirt with stars combo that’s easily recognizable. The belt, boot covers and headband will make you a star at all the events.

But if you want a scary plus size women’s Halloween costume, you can have one that’s straight from Friday the 13th. The Secret Wishes Friday the 13th Miss Voorhees costume is a vengeful vixen.

This costume is a black jersey style mini dress with the Friday the 13th design on the front of it. Black boots, ripped fishnet stockings and a blood dipped knife will make bystanders give a second look.

If you prefer casting your spell over the night’s events, then you’ll love the Goth Maiden Witch costume. The black dress with touches of green gives an authentic appeal. Topped by the pointed hat and you’ll be flying off into the night.

If you’re looking for something unique and catching the bad boys are where your passions are, then Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter will certainly catch them. This costume gives buyers the short black dress with cut out sleeves and it also has the sunglasses, handcuffs and knife.

Perhaps you’re looking for a plus size women’s Halloween costume that’ll allow you to dance through the night in style. There’s a perfect retro costume you’ll love. The Spangled Disco Diva Costume will let you boogie for all hours.

This dress is eye-catching in a swirl design of black and silver and it’s got the matching headwrap. Put on your white disco boots and get ready to go! But if you’re looking for a sweet costume to wear, then see how great the Shrek Forever After Fiona costume is. The dress is most definitely something a princess would wear and comes with the headpiece to create Fiona’s ears.

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Captain America Halloween Costume for Kids

Captain America Halloween Costume for Kids

Kids of all ages have always had a deep interest and love for superheroes. These characters are strong and powerful and always arrive on the scene in the nick of time to make a difference and save the day.

Throughout the ages there have been many different superheroes, but one continues to stick out and that’s Captain America. This larger than life hero, created in the 1940s, burst onto the scene in his American flag style costume.

He carried a shield he could use in battling evil and always righted the wrongs done. Over 200 million comic books featuring Captain America have sold – his popularity has never waned. That’s one of the reasons the Captain America costume for kids continues to be a bestseller year after year.

When kids get this costume, it’s more than just donning an outfit – in their imagination, they become a hero whose job it is to fight for justice and to make a difference. It’s one of the most patriotic costumes around today. There are a variety of designs in the costume, but let’s focus on the top three most sought after designs.

The first Captain America costume for kids is the Captain America Movie Classic Costume. It’s patterned after The First Avenger Movie featuring the timeless hero. The suit has the built in muscle padding in the arms and on the chest to recreate the hero’s physique. It’s a complete outfit with the jumpsuit and mask. The costume is blue with a white star on the chest. Accents of red are found in a small portion of the costume and in the shield.

The second costume on the list is the Captain America Deluxe Muscle child costume. It’s a lighter blue in color from the first one and has the wings on the hood of the costume. It also has the muscle padding and white star on the chest. But this costume has the red accents at the forearms and in the boots.

The third favorite among the Captain America costume for kids design is the Captain America Classic child costume. This jumpsuit is a little different because this one has the red and white stripes in the torso.

The jumpsuit does come with the mask but you’ll have to pick up the shield and the red socks separately. It doesn’t really matter which of the costumes you choose to get, your child will be thrilled with any one of them and you’ll be thrilled at the price! Because not only will you save money on these durable costumes but you’ll also be getting something that your child will love to play with all through the year.

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Putting Together The Perfect Plus Size Witch Costume To Flatter Your Figure

Putting Together The Perfect Plus Size Witch Costume To Flatter Your Figure

The witch has long been one of Halloween’s most famous characters, making the plus size witch costume an extremely popular choice for ladies at Halloween. There aren’t many rules when it comes to dressing as a witch, but there are a few common ideas you’ll want to bear in mind.

The best thing about the plus size witch costume is that it can be as tight or as loose as you want it to be. Witch costumes usually make use of long, black gowns (and black is known to be slimming). You can taper these slightly at the waste accentuate your curves in the most flattering way.

The costume is then finished off with some classic witch accessories. This almost always means a tall, pointed black witches hat and a broomstick. You may also choose to wear a long black or purple wig to help get yourself into character.

Subtle accessories useful for plus size figures include long gothic necklaces. These help to draw the attention down the body, creating a slimming effect. Long bell sleeves also help to add to this look.

Famous Witch Characters

If you want some inspiration for your witch costume then here are a few famous witches you could choose to imitate this Halloween.

1) The Wicked Witch Of The West: This famous witch has a very distinguishing characteristic, and that is her bright green skin! This makes for a fun Halloween costume no matter what size you are. The dress itself is very long and black, with a classic witches hat to top it off.

2) The Queen (Snow White): The Queen in Snow White is the famous witch who wants nothing more than to be the fairest in all the land. Her distinguishing feature is the huge collar on her dress, along with the golden crown.

3) The Sea Witch: Ursula is the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid. This has to be the ultimate plus size witch costume since Ursula was a large lady to begin with. Recreate her octopus tentacles on the end of a long black dress and you’ll have something creative and eye-catching!


Creating your own plus size witch costume from scratch can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. On the other hand, you could opt to go as a famous witch such as those mentioned above. If so, check for licensed costumes available to buy ready made – these are often the most convincing.

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Mens Indian Halloween Costume

Men’s Indian Halloween Costume

Back when the Pilgrims lived in the colonies, there were Indians who taught them how to survive in the harsh new land. Ever since those frigid winters in Plymouth, people have appreciated the way the Indians helped and what they stood for – courage, honesty and friendship.

From the way they dressed in buckskin and leggings to the way they painted their faces with bright markings to the way they communed with nature, people have been fascinated with the Indian way of life. It’s understandable why the men’s Indian Halloween costume is so popular. It’s a nod to the culture that’s part of American history.

Now you can grab a piece of the American history with the Men’s Noble Warrior Costume. This Native American costume comes with armbands, pants, top and tabbard. The color for this costume is brown.

Adding accessories like the Warrior Indian Necklace choker would go great with the costume as would adding the Deluxe Native American Headdress of white color tipped feathers. You can also add a tomahawk for some fright night fun.

For that chilly Halloween night, you can pick a men’s Indian Halloween costume that’s comfortable in the weather. You’ll find such a costume in the Indian Warrior Adult costume.

This costume comes with tan bottom side fringe pants and matching top with fringe hem and sleeves. Pair it with some tan moccasins and a feather headband and you’ll have a costume that could easily have been at home in the 1600s. There’s also a men’s plus size Indian costume that’s comfortable for a night of spooky partying, too.

Not only are these Indian costumes priced at an affordable rate, but they’re also comfortable enough to wear all night long. If you were planning to go as a group, you could have some friends dress as Pilgrims, some as chiefs and some as fellow braves.

But speaking of the braves, many were legends. Among the Indian tribes, none was as courageous, as fierce, as deserving of honor as the Indian brave. He could hunt, track and defend the tribe with ease because his skills were honed by his survival instincts. Now you, too, can dress like that outstanding brave in the Men’s Indian Brave costume.

This men’s Indian Halloween costume is a tan tunic with a fringe at the hem. It comes with pants, and boot covers as well as a waist sash. The headpiece with the feather and the beaded chest plate is also included. If you wanted to make this costume look like it belonged more in the 1600s, just add the face paint markings and carry a spear.

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Boys Cowboy Halloween Costume

Boys Cowboy Halloween Costume

Riding and roping and cooking out by a hearty campfire – all the little cowboys at heart love to be free on the range. And with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of costume your cowhand might be interested in.

Like most boys who love everything about horses and living in the great outdoors, odds are pretty good that he’ll want a cowboy costume, and if that’s the case, you want to grab a boy’s cowboy Halloween costume for him right away before all of the good ones are gone.

There are several different styles of cowboy costumes – you can choose a more gentlemanly costume or one that shows the cowhand has put in a lot of time gathering up stray cows and mending those fences.

The first outfit that would suit a little cowboy is the Aeromax Jr. Cowboy suit. This suit offers a vest designed to look like suede and cowboy chaps complete with fringe that matches the vest. Gloves and a bandana come with the vest and chaps, too.

Next in line that you can get for a boy’s cowboy Halloween costume is the costume that would make John Wayne proud. This one has a dark brown duster jacket that you’d see on those old fashioned westerns.

It has a button vest in a lighter tan color and a belt any cowboy would be pleased to wear. This outfit also comes with a red bandana to protect a boy’s face from the dusty trails and a brown cowboy hat to keep the sun’s rays from making days on the trails too hot.

For the smaller boys, there’s a Western Rodeo Cowboy costume that will fit what he’s looking for. This one doesn’t have the standard brown chaps. Instead, this one has the pant’s chaps in the design that’s brown and white splotches – made popular because it’s a look taken from the way a painted pony is marked.

This one has a dark brown vest with the fringes on the bottom and is has the decorations at the chest pockets. The hat matches the vest and the costume also has the standard bright red bandana.

Last but not least in the boys cowboy Halloween costume department is what’s known as the gentleman’s gear. There’s no mistaking that this is a cowboy outfit but the clothing is just as fit for the trail as it is the finest dining establishment.

The snug vest is suede and faux leather to match the fringed chaps. The cowboy hat tops off the costume. Add a pair of blue jeans, a toy holster and gun and your cowboy is ready to head out the door in search of those candy treats!

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