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Pirates Of The Caribbean Halloween Costume Ideas

4 Pirates Of The Caribbean Costume Ideas For Halloween

Pirates of the Caribbean is a hugely popular movie series that just about everyone has enjoyed throughout the years. If you want a fun take on the classic “pirate” costume theme, then why not choose from one of these unique characters?

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is the most distinctive of all the pirates. He has long, dreadlocked hair decorated with beads, as well as beads in his beard. He has the classic triangular pirate hat, though is often seen wearing a red bandanna underneath. His outfit is like a classic pirate, with a loose fitting shirt, a vest, and long pirate boots.

There are a number of different versions of the officially licensed Jack Sparrow costume available. You can buy it in both adult and child sizes, and it usually comes with the hat but not the pirate sword.

Female Pirate Costume

The female pirate costume is much like the Jack Sparrow costume for men, and there are many officially licensed Pirates of the Caribbean costumes available to buy.

Key features of the female costume include tight pants and either a vest or a long jacket. The elements that’ll make you most recognizable as a pirate are the gypsy style tops or ruffled blouses, the pirate’s hat and the important pirate’s sword.

Davy Jones

The captain of the Flying Dutchman sailed the seas in search of souls to man his ship. He is trapped in a cursed body, with tentacles around his face making him look like he has a beard. The tentacles often take on a life of their own!

This is a unique costume, to say the least, and will take some work if you want to create it yourself from scratch. If you haven’t got the time then you could opt for the officially licensed version instead. This comes with a high quality Davy Jones mask and hat, along with the classic pirate clothing.


Blackbeard is the newest character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. This notorious English pirate has a long, dark braided beard and the classic pirate hat. The clothing itself is also dark and gray, in a contrast to the white shirts and brown vests of the other pirates. To complete it, you’ll need to carry a sword around with you (the officially licensed version of the costume comes with all of these elements apart from the sword and wig/beard).

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