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Conan The Barbarian Halloween Costume

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Conan The Barbarian Halloween Costume

There’s bound to be a boost in the number of barbarian costumes you see at any Halloween party this year, thanks to the remake of the classic Conan movie in 2011. The new Conan is just as big and muscly as ever before – but even if you don’t quite have the same muscle volume, you can still go as this famous character for Halloween.

Perfecting The Conan Costume

Conan is a warrior and has plenty of scars to show it. He’s brave, wearing very little in the way of armor (or even clothing in general) and has a signature bare chest.

For clothing, Conan wears leather gauntlets on the arms, a brown leather tunic from the waist down and, in the 2011, chain armor across his left arm. Not forgetting the leather wrapped around his legs and a huge sword ready for any battle!

The official costume comes with all the elements mentioned above to help you recreate the look from the 2011 movie. If you’d rather go as the original Conan, then you could always pair the costume with an Arnold Schwarzenegger mask for an added bit of comedy.

The hair is long and disheveled – Conan doesn’t have time to keep it neat! As for the face, it’s almost always dirty and bloody. You can recreate this look with a little makeup and some fake blood.

What About The Muscles?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to have huge muscles if you want to play Conan this Halloween. Thankfully, official Halloween costume makers have accounted for the fact that most normal people just don’t look like Conan naturally! This is why most official costumes will come with muscle chest pieces to help you get the look just right.

You could also use some makeup tricks to help you look more muscly than you really are. Start with a good layer of fake tan the night before. When it’s time to get ready for the party, use body or face paint to add more defined muscle lines to your bare chest. No, it doesn’t look quite like the real thing, but it’s fun for a Halloween costume!

For The Barbarian Women Out There

If you’re female then there’s no reason why you can’t go as a barbarian warrior yourself, perhaps Conan’s partner in crime? Take the elements of the Conan costume mentioned above: leather skirt, arm gauntlets and a sword, and add a small leather top to the mix.

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