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Baby Lion Halloween Costume for Babies

Baby Lion Costume

He’’s fierce. He’’s in charge. He’’s to be feared – but wait … …he lights up your world with a smile. Who says there’s only one king of the jungle? Your baby will own Halloween night in a baby lion costume. There are a lot of animal costumes available, but none can beat out the look and comfort of the bodysuit designed to look like the toughest cat in the world.

By getting this costume – the Lil Characters Unisex Baby Lion Costume – you get all of the eye catching details starting with the plush mane, meant to frame that cute little face. The mane is made up of soft, squeezable material sewn onto the hood in circular rows giving it the look of a symmetrical mane.

This tan bodysuit is zippered with the mom favorites – snap leg closures. The attached tail is topped off with a bright red bow (who says the king of the jungle has to be all fierce?). Cute little paw print booties and the hood add originality to this costume. Parents love the hood because it’s so warm that it keeps baby’s ears protected from a chill.

You can find a baby lion costume that roars, or you can find one that’s as gentle as a lamb like you’ll see with the Lil Characters Unisex Baby Lovable Lion Costume. This jumpsuit is zippered and the hood has a velcro and snap closure.

The surrounding mane on this one is worth just looking at it’s so cute. It’s realistic, yet soft and gentle. If the king of the jungle had a little brother, this would be what he would wear.

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, you’ll want to take a peek over the rainbow – the lion mane that is. Attached to the hood of the Fearless Lion Baby Costume is a delightful multi-colored mane. This mane is artfully colored with yarn in blues, greens, oranges, pinks and more. It’s definitely not a traditional lion outfit, but certainly engaging.

When you decide that you want a baby lion costume for your baby’s Halloween costume, there are few elements that you need to make sure the costume has. Look for the easy snap openings for diaper changing – you don’t want to have baby fully dressed only to have to take the entire costume off just for a change.

You want a hood that fits snuggly against his face but is also comfortable. Look for fitted booties with material that doesn’t bunch (in case he’s walking) and if you live in a cooler area, look for a costume with (or buy separately) little mittens to keep his paws warm.

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Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Halloween Costumes

From the tree leaves to the carpet of leaves that blanket the ground, from the crisp smell of the chill in the air to the warm cups of hot chocolate – it all points to that exciting day for kids and adults alike – Halloween! You know what that means – baby Halloween costumes!

It’s time to start thinking about those cute and cuddly costumes for the little ones in the family. Who could resist the little animal costume like the Lil Characters Unisex baby infant lion costume?

This king of the jungle outfit is sure to win anyone’s heart! It’s machine washable, so that’s a definite plus because anyone with a little one knows that kids seem to attract spills. It has a snap leg closure to make changing a diaper a breeze. Add the little slip on booties and you have quite the little lion.

There’s a cute newborn monster costume (also in Lil Characters Unisex line) and it’s sure to be the most adorable little monster you’ve ever seen. No scare there! But an all time favorite for babies in the newborn to six months range is the sweet outfit Monkey See Monkey Do by In Fashion Kids.

It also has inner snaps for easy changing and the tail comes attached. The headpiece (with the funny little banana on top) adds just the right touch. There are so many baby Halloween costumes and every year it seems they get cuter and cuter!

Remember the childhood nursery rhyme ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb?’ Well now you can see one for yourself when you get the Pink Lamb infant costume made by Rubie’s Costume Co.

This little jumpsuit is almost too cute for words. The baby costume is chenille and flannel, so it’ll be nice and cozy to help counteract that nip in the Halloween night air. With the pink gingham front and pink satin bows on the little fluffy ears, your baby is going to steal the limelight from all of the festivities.

Talking about cute baby Halloween costumes wouldn’t be complete without our little vegetable costumes. One of the all time favorites among parents is the snuggly little bunting outfit Deluxe Baby Bunting Pea in a Pod costume that’s suitable in size from one to nine months.

Rounding out the vegetable costumes is the eye catching bright red Deluxe Baby Bunting Red Chili Pepper outfit that also fits one to nine month old infants. Don’t wait until the last minute to go shopping for your baby’s Halloween costume. You don’t want to have to settle for something less when your little one could get one as endearing as these!

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Baby Princess Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby Princess Costume

Snow White. Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty. All three of those princess stories captivated our imaginations and they remain in our hearts and memories no matter how much older we’ve grown. There’s just something about the goodness and the beauty inside a princess that enchants us all.

Now with a baby princess costume, you’ll see that wonder and magic come back to life on the night of Halloween celebrations. You can find them in all colors and in many designs but just a warning – it’s going to be hard to choose a favorite!

Starting out, take a look at the precious Snow White Infant costume that babies up to eighteen months can easily wear. This little dress has a gold skirt with a satin underlay. The top of the skirt has little sparkles that make the dress shimmer with enchantment.

The waist connecting the skirt of the costume to the top is a ring of little red flowers with the same flowers repeating at the shirt top of the costume. The shirt of the dress is a dark blue satin with a middle piece that’s a lighter blue with patterns.

In the middle of the shirt is a cameo of Snow White. The little puffed sleeves look just like the dress designed for the movie – red with light blue satin ribbons running vertically along the sleeves. The stand up white color will make your baby look exactly like the cute princess she is.

Dressing for Halloween really is a bit like entering a world where dreams seem to almost be real and a very realistic looking dress for a baby princess costume is the Cinderella Infant dress.

This fairytale outfit is a lovely pale blue with lots of sparkle. Attached at the waist are pretty pink rosebuds. A Cinderella cameo adorns the top of the dress. This is also a great dress if you’re looking to create any kind of Halloween theme party with princesses or magic as your theme.

And of course, no princess costume selection would be complete without mentioning the princess of the Sultan of Agrabah, Jasmine. The magic of the princess is accurately captured in the By Disguise Inc. Infant Girl Little Princess Jasmine Disney TM Costume.

This delightfully purple costume sparkles and includes the gold belt, gold decoration at the top of the costume as well as the Jasmine cameo. To finish off the costume, add a pair of purple slippers and she’ll be quite the princess indeed!

Choosing a baby princess costume from among all the delightful ones that are available will be a tough choice, but whichever one you pick, your little princess will look like she stepped straight out of a magic castle when she wears it.

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Baby Pirate Halloween Costumes

Baby Pirate Costume

Like clockwork, summer faded into fall and the time to head out trick or treating is now upon us. In the midst of all of the preparation, there’s one task that should always be taken care of quickly – and that’s grabbing the costumes you want before all of the good ones are gone.

Especially when it comes to costumes for babies. Babies are such a pint-sized treasure, and now your little one can steal hearts when he or she is wearing the baby pirate costume.

There’s no time like now to set sail for the best costumes available, so your wee captain or ship’s mate can rake in the treats – and that’s no trick! There are several pirate outfits you can choose from, and it will be easy to find one that will fit your baby.

For pirate costumes, the Baby Boy Infant Halloween Costume fits up to a 12-month-old baby. This one comes with a black and white shirt worthy of any pirate, plus it’s plenty roomy. It also has the red pirate pants and a matching sash. Sit him beside a treasure chest when he’s wearing this Halloween costume and you’ll have a great photo opportunity.

There’s also a baby pirate costume that’s cute and comfortable. The Paper Magic Group Little Pirate Prince costume is a replica of the old fashioned gear worn by those who plundered the high seas. You get a headscarf, striped pants and vest.

Next in the adventurous costume line up is the Infant Puny Pirate Costume. This bodysuit has easy diaper change access with the snap enclosures in the red and black striped pants. The black top with white ruffled front piece gives quite the roguish air. The belt, headpiece and booties complete this ensemble.

For the little princess to dress like a pirate in a baby pirate costume, there’s the Too Cute To Spook Pirate Princess Costume and it’s a picture in Halloween sweetness with just the right touch of adventure she’ll love. This little outfit is created in such a way that it looks like the costume is layer upon layer of clothing, when in reality, it’s all one very comfortable piece.

The dress features a black and white striped skirt with the jagged edge trim fit for any pirate ship. The little pirate jacket that’s red, open in the front and comes with a black belt adds real flair to the costume. Rounding out the outfit is the black pirate hat with the skull emblem.

Finally in the baby pirate costume arena is the Baby Captain Hook Pirate Costume that babies up to six months of age can wear. This little bunting outfit is red, with a white front making it look like a shirt. The little black faux belt polishes off the outfit and once it’s on, your little one is ready for the big night!

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Baby Monkey Costume

Baby Monkey Costume

If you’ve seen one little goblin, you’ve seen them all. So many costumes lately look exactly like the next one. Maybe you’re looking for something different. You don’t want anything scary – you want something without a face mask, something cuddly and plush that shows what a sweet little one you have.

If that sounds like you, then you’d delight in a costume that was cute but serviceable too. Take a look at the Lil Characters Infant Monkey costume in a tan and brown color. This baby monkey costume is just what you’re seeking.

This is a zippered bodysuit that’s lined (meaning comfort for baby when you’re out trick or treating) and it has the quick to get to snap leg closures. The curved brown tail is whimsical and is sure to bring out a laugh in all who see it.

The little booties have the skid resistant bottoms (skid resistant for babies are always a good idea) and are separated by four little monkey toes. The hood with the swirled ears sits snug against baby’s face without being intrusive, so it won’t annoy him when you’re out and about. All in all this is a cute costume at a great price.

Next in the baby monkey costume outfits is the Monkey See, Monkey Do costume. This romper is a golden brown with a round yellow belly. The twirling tail is attached to the costume.

The open banana on top of the hood is a fun and laughable addition to the outfit. This would be perfect as baby’s first Halloween costume. It has non-skid soles as well. To accessorize, have your baby hold a plastic banana when he goes out and just watch his treat bag fill up the fastest!

Do you recall reading about everyone’s favorite storybook monkey – the one always in trouble – Curious George? How much fun it was to watch the beloved monkey’s antics with the man in the yellow hat!

Bringing back a bit of yesteryear is the Curious George Costume for babies by Rubie’s Costume Co. This brown romper is easy to get on, so a squirming little one waiting to get the adventures started won’t make changing time a problem. Since this romper has non skid soles, even his quick get away won’t be a problem – for him at least!

Last but not least, the baby monkey costume that’s cute and cuddly, too is the Micro Fiber Plush Monkey Costume. This jumpsuit has floppy rounded ears, an attached tail and footsies to keep the little one’s feet snug and dry no matter what the weather is doing outside.
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