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Baby Lion Halloween Costume for Babies

Baby Lion Costume

He’’s fierce. He’’s in charge. He’’s to be feared – but wait … …he lights up your world with a smile. Who says there’s only one king of the jungle? Your baby will own Halloween night in a baby lion costume. There are a lot of animal costumes available, but none can beat out the look and comfort of the bodysuit designed to look like the toughest cat in the world.

By getting this costume – the Lil Characters Unisex Baby Lion Costume – you get all of the eye catching details starting with the plush mane, meant to frame that cute little face. The mane is made up of soft, squeezable material sewn onto the hood in circular rows giving it the look of a symmetrical mane.

This tan bodysuit is zippered with the mom favorites – snap leg closures. The attached tail is topped off with a bright red bow (who says the king of the jungle has to be all fierce?). Cute little paw print booties and the hood add originality to this costume. Parents love the hood because it’s so warm that it keeps baby’s ears protected from a chill.

You can find a baby lion costume that roars, or you can find one that’s as gentle as a lamb like you’ll see with the Lil Characters Unisex Baby Lovable Lion Costume. This jumpsuit is zippered and the hood has a velcro and snap closure.

The surrounding mane on this one is worth just looking at it’s so cute. It’s realistic, yet soft and gentle. If the king of the jungle had a little brother, this would be what he would wear.

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, you’ll want to take a peek over the rainbow – the lion mane that is. Attached to the hood of the Fearless Lion Baby Costume is a delightful multi-colored mane. This mane is artfully colored with yarn in blues, greens, oranges, pinks and more. It’s definitely not a traditional lion outfit, but certainly engaging.

When you decide that you want a baby lion costume for your baby’s Halloween costume, there are few elements that you need to make sure the costume has. Look for the easy snap openings for diaper changing – you don’t want to have baby fully dressed only to have to take the entire costume off just for a change.

You want a hood that fits snuggly against his face but is also comfortable. Look for fitted booties with material that doesn’t bunch (in case he’s walking) and if you live in a cooler area, look for a costume with (or buy separately) little mittens to keep his paws warm.

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