Mens Sailor Halloween Costume

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Men’s Sailor Halloween Costume

The holiday season is almost here and you know what that means! It’s time for leaves to start carpeting the ground, time for crisp red apples and pick up football games played on a lazy afternoon but best of all, the countdown is beginning for that darkest, spookiest, craziest night of them all – Halloween night!

Break out the orange bulbs to decorate the front porch, crank up the sound machine and buy the treats in bulk. But don’t forget to get a costume for yourself. The men’s sailor Halloween costume is quite the adventurous costume and one that women love.

There’s just something extra special about a man in uniform. It could be the hero theory, it could be the costume and it could be that you just rock the way it looks on you. But you won’t need a reason behind wearing the California Costume Men’s Sailor Costume.

The attention getting white costume comes with everything you need to head out the door looking like a sailor in the U.S. Navy. The pants, shirt, hat and necktie are the Navy’s dress whites for enlisted men.

If you’re sold on getting a men’s sailor Halloween costume, but you’d prefer that the costume wasn’t a white one, then you can opt for the black dress uniform, which is an identical style.

You still get the same items along with the name of the ship – the U.S.S. Enterprise embroidered on the left shirt pocket side. You also still get the Navy insignia patch along the arm of the left sleeve for an authentic looking costume.

You can get a sailor costume not associated with the Navy if that’s more your style and there’s one available now. That one is called the Ahoy Matey Men’s Nautical Sailor Costume.

It comes in a navy blue color and has the accent white tie as well. For those men who want a white sailor suit but want a sleeveless one to show off those hard earned muscles, then the Seafaring Sailor Male Costume would fit the ticket for them. This costume is white with a sleeveless shirt and gold accents. It also comes with the matching hat.

Perhaps you’d like a men’s sailor Halloween costume that’s a little more humorous instead of serious. Then have we got the costume for you! Take a look at the Popeye Sailor Man costume.

The costume has the muscle arms, navy anchor tattoo and the famous blue pants, black shirt and red collar. Don’t forget the corncob pipe and have a friend dress like Olive Oyl for extra fun.

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