Hot Movie Costume Ideas for 2013 : Avatar

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In 2009, the movie Avatar came out and was an enormous hit.  Such an enormous hit in fact, that adult Avatar costumes are still enormously popular this year.

Neytiri is one of the sexiest of the Avatar costumes for adults and Jake Sully is very popular with the guys though I don’t know if we’d call the Jake Sully costume a sexy avatar costume.

In the movie, Neytiri was played by the amazing Zoe Saldana who is easily one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today.

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Neytiri a Warrior Princess in the movie Avatar is the daughter of King and Queen of the Omaticayan People of Pandora also known as Navi. She is the one that finds Jake Sully in the forest and at first tries to kill him and later ends up saving him and bringing him to her Home Tree, which is where her people dwell. Home Tree is also located above the largest Unobtanium deposit on the planet and the main reason the Resource Development Administration (RDA) has come to this planet. Unobtanium is a mineral that can save Earth from its energy crisis and it is up to Jake who works for the RDA to ease the Navi people and build relations with them in order to obtain these resources.



So although it came out in 2009, I think the sexy Avatar costumes are some of the hottest costume ideas for 2013!

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