Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Boys

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Top Halloween Costumes For Boys

There is certainly no shortage of Halloween costumes for boys this year. If you’re trying to figure out the best costume idea for your child, here are five of the most popular costume themes today.

Harry Potter
The Harry Potter movies may have finished by now, but little boys still love to dress up as this famous wizard for Halloween. To get this look right you’ll need the Hogwarts robe with the Gryffindor crest. And, to make sure everyone knows he’s come as Harry, he’ll want to wear the distinctive round glasses, with the lightning bolt scar on his head. And don’t forget the wizard’s wand!

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Buzz Lightyear & Other Toy Story Characters
Just about every little boy loves Toy Story, so why not go with this theme for Halloween? The Buzz Lightyear costume can be a little complicated to put together, but there are officially licensed versions available that look just like the real thing. They come with the detailed body suit and jet pack to get your little boy ready for his adventures in space!

If you want to stick with the Toy Story theme then a few other ideas include Woody the Sheriff, the Alien Men, Mr. Potato Head or, for younger ones, Lotso Huggin’ Bear.

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Little boys love to dress up as Spiderman, whether it’s Halloween or not. This firm favorite is always available from Halloween costume stores in a variety of sizes to suit all ages. Boys will especially love the reversible Spiderman suit that lets them dress up as the red or black version of his character, whichever one he feels like wearing on the day!

Of course he isn’t just limited to Spiderman, just about any superhero makes a good idea for Halloween costumes for boys.

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Transformers Bumblebee

Transformers movies have really sparked an interest in related Halloween costumes for boys. Bumblebee is the autobot scout with the distinguishing yellow details. For kids who want a few more Halloween options, then Optimus Prime is the other brave and heroic character that kids love to play, or they can choose the evil Megatron costume if they prefer!

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Darth Vader

For something really impressive, your boy could choose the Star Wars Darth Vader costume. This involves the all black suit, the black cape, and the famous Darth Vader mask. There are a number of officially licensed Darth Vader costumes available to buy to make things easier for you. And don’t forget the lightsaber!

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