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Captain America Halloween Costume for Kids

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Captain America Halloween Costume for Kids

Kids of all ages have always had a deep interest and love for superheroes. These characters are strong and powerful and always arrive on the scene in the nick of time to make a difference and save the day.

Throughout the ages there have been many different superheroes, but one continues to stick out and that’s Captain America. This larger than life hero, created in the 1940s, burst onto the scene in his American flag style costume.

He carried a shield he could use in battling evil and always righted the wrongs done. Over 200 million comic books featuring Captain America have sold – his popularity has never waned. That’s one of the reasons the Captain America costume for kids continues to be a bestseller year after year.

When kids get this costume, it’s more than just donning an outfit – in their imagination, they become a hero whose job it is to fight for justice and to make a difference. It’s one of the most patriotic costumes around today. There are a variety of designs in the costume, but let’s focus on the top three most sought after designs.

The first Captain America costume for kids is the Captain America Movie Classic Costume. It’s patterned after The First Avenger Movie featuring the timeless hero. The suit has the built in muscle padding in the arms and on the chest to recreate the hero’s physique. It’s a complete outfit with the jumpsuit and mask. The costume is blue with a white star on the chest. Accents of red are found in a small portion of the costume and in the shield.

The second costume on the list is the Captain America Deluxe Muscle child costume. It’s a lighter blue in color from the first one and has the wings on the hood of the costume. It also has the muscle padding and white star on the chest. But this costume has the red accents at the forearms and in the boots.

The third favorite among the Captain America costume for kids design is the Captain America Classic child costume. This jumpsuit is a little different because this one has the red and white stripes in the torso.

The jumpsuit does come with the mask but you’ll have to pick up the shield and the red socks separately. It doesn’t really matter which of the costumes you choose to get, your child will be thrilled with any one of them and you’ll be thrilled at the price! Because not only will you save money on these durable costumes but you’ll also be getting something that your child will love to play with all through the year.

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