Bridesmaids The Movie Halloween Costume Ideas

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Bridesmaids The Movie Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for an excellent group Halloween costume idea this year then Bridesmaids is a great one. This hit movie wasn’t just for chicks, it went down well with the guys too – everyone will understand this fun Halloween theme when they see you!

How To Put Together Your Bridesmaids Movie Costumes

For this idea to work you’re going to have to have at least three of you going to a party together. One person should be chosen as the bride, the rest should be the bridesmaids.

If you’ve seen the movie then you’ll know that each lady has her own unique style. The famous scene in the wedding dress shop sees them all trying on a different dress. If you like, you could opt for this as the basis of your costume.

It doesn’t even matter if the dresses are the same as the ones in the movie, as long as it’s clear that you’re all bridesmaids to the bride. And, to complete the look, why not make yourself look a little “disheveled” just like the girls in the film. Maybe you can even convey the fact that you’ve got food poisoning and aren’t feeling so good!

Other Bridesmaid Halloween Costume Themes

Maybe the Bridesmaids movie idea isn’t right for you, but you still want to run with the bridesmaids theme? Maybe you even have some old bridesmaid dresses that you could do with recycling? There are a number of fun options to choose from if so…

Awful bridesmaid dresses – There are always those occasions where the bridesmaid is forced to wear a dress she hates. If you’ve ever had to wear a hideous bridesmaid dress, make fun of this fact but getting the most garish dress you can find and wearing that as your Halloween costume!

French bridesmaid – This fun costume is based on a play on words – you’ll wear a usual bridesmaid dress, but you’ll also don a black apron, a maid’s hat and carry around a feather duster.

Zombie bridesmaid – If you don’t mind making your dress dirty, then stain it with coffee or rub some dirt over it. Get hold of some fake blood, make your face look pale and old, and you can go as the zombie bridesmaid this Halloween!


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