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Boys Halloween Costumes

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Boy’s Halloween Costumes

Boys have a lot of imagination and with the right boy’s Halloween costumes, they’ll get plenty of play out of them all year round. Boys love to run and go and do. They love action figures and action games and they love costumes that tap into that active drive.

For example, one of the big hits in costumes with boys is the Clone Trooper costume. This jumpsuit is decorated to look just like the Star Wars Clone Trooper and is very realistic. It also comes with the injected molded mask just like from the Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones movie.

Another favorite bad guy we all enjoyed and one that boys love to pretend to be is Darth Vader and now he can step into those shoes if he’s wearing the Star Wars Darth Vader costume.

This jumpsuit looks just like the one in the movies and even has the control box on the chest. He’ll also get the mask and the flowing cape. Get the light saber and the gloves and he’ll be the best Darth Vader Halloween night has ever seen.

Of course, boy’s Halloween costumes tend to always have a few favorites that stick around year after year and never fade away. One of those favorites is anything ninja related and boys love the appeal of them all. From the Stealth Ninja to the Night Shadow Ninja, boys want them all. Topping the list is the Red Ninja costume from Rubie’s Costume Co.

And let’s not forget Iron Man! The chest actually glows with the Iron Man 2 Mark 6 Classic Muscle costume. The suit adds muscle to the arms and torso and the mask comes included with the outfit. You can add special effects like a Repulsor and gloves.

For boys who like things that go howl in the night, getting him the Werewolf Child Costume would be right up that dark alley. The outfit comes with a plaid shirt and creepy looking werewolf gloves. The over the head mask adds just the right chill to the entire costume and it’s a look people won’t soon forget on this chill inducing night.

Anyone who knows boys knows that they love to take down the bad guys. Which is exactly what a boy can do in the S.W.A.T. Team Child Costume. The jumpsuit has the boot tops and helmet included. The vest is decorated with a phone, a pair of binoculars and comes with the handcuffs and badge, too.

The best way to find out what your boy would want to choose from among boy’s Halloween costumes is to find out what he becomes in his imagination and you’re sure to find a costume that he’ll love.

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