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Boys Cowboy Halloween Costume

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Boys Cowboy Halloween Costume

Riding and roping and cooking out by a hearty campfire – all the little cowboys at heart love to be free on the range. And with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of costume your cowhand might be interested in.

Like most boys who love everything about horses and living in the great outdoors, odds are pretty good that he’ll want a cowboy costume, and if that’s the case, you want to grab a boy’s cowboy Halloween costume for him right away before all of the good ones are gone.

There are several different styles of cowboy costumes – you can choose a more gentlemanly costume or one that shows the cowhand has put in a lot of time gathering up stray cows and mending those fences.

The first outfit that would suit a little cowboy is the Aeromax Jr. Cowboy suit. This suit offers a vest designed to look like suede and cowboy chaps complete with fringe that matches the vest. Gloves and a bandana come with the vest and chaps, too.

Next in line that you can get for a boy’s cowboy Halloween costume is the costume that would make John Wayne proud. This one has a dark brown duster jacket that you’d see on those old fashioned westerns.

It has a button vest in a lighter tan color and a belt any cowboy would be pleased to wear. This outfit also comes with a red bandana to protect a boy’s face from the dusty trails and a brown cowboy hat to keep the sun’s rays from making days on the trails too hot.

For the smaller boys, there’s a Western Rodeo Cowboy costume that will fit what he’s looking for. This one doesn’t have the standard brown chaps. Instead, this one has the pant’s chaps in the design that’s brown and white splotches – made popular because it’s a look taken from the way a painted pony is marked.

This one has a dark brown vest with the fringes on the bottom and is has the decorations at the chest pockets. The hat matches the vest and the costume also has the standard bright red bandana.

Last but not least in the boys cowboy Halloween costume department is what’s known as the gentleman’s gear. There’s no mistaking that this is a cowboy outfit but the clothing is just as fit for the trail as it is the finest dining establishment.

The snug vest is suede and faux leather to match the fringed chaps. The cowboy hat tops off the costume. Add a pair of blue jeans, a toy holster and gun and your cowboy is ready to head out the door in search of those candy treats!

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