6 Ideas For Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Men

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6 Ideas For Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Men

When it comes to finding plus size Halloween costumes for men, there are plenty of different characters for you to choose from. No matter what shape you are, these are fun costumes that look great at any Halloween party.

1) Superheroes

Many superheroes are on the large size thanks to huge muscles – this makes them the perfect plus size Halloween costumes for men. They just wouldn’t look right on a lanky man! Some of the best characters for this include the Incredible Hulk, Superman and Iron Man. Many of these costumes come with built in muscle definition for an authentic look.

2) Monks

The monk has a reputation for being bigger than average, so why not make the most of this fact and choose this as your Halloween costume? There are plenty of ready-made monk costumes available, but if you want to make your own then just get your hands on a long brown tunic. And don’t forget the bald patch at the top of your head!

3) Vampires

As plus size Halloween costumes go, there’s a huge selection available for men who want to dress up as a vampire this Halloween. These usually consist of black pants, a black shirt and a colored vest – not forgetting the famous vampire cape accessory and fangs.

4) Ghosts

Ghosts and the Grim Reaper are both popular themes for plus size men at Halloween. If you’re the kind of person who wants a comfortable costume that’s not too tight then these are the costumes for you. They’re easy to put together too – you can create the tunic from scratch and get your hands on a good mask to complete the look. And if you decide to go as the Grim Reaper, don’t forget the classic scythe!

5) Funny Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Men

Lastly, you could choose a comedy costume this Halloween. Many men opt for costumes that make an obvious point of their size for a humorous look. For example, some men dress up as pregnant women for a few laughs on the day, or you could go as a giant Halloween pumpkin!

6) Famous Plus Size Celebrities

Lastly, why not go as a celebrity who is a similar size to you? You could go as John Candy in “Uncle Buck”, Pavarotti, Tony Soprano, Hurley from “Lost”, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” and others. Choose someone who has some distinguishing characteristics that’ll help people recognize your costume at the Halloween party.

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